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  • I use the Weather Icon plugin. Are you sure you followed this instruction?
    “Then edit the weather.php file to point to the
    ‘wicons’ folder and set the other options listed there.
    make sure you set write access on the cache folder.”
    My icons are in a folder with 755 permissions also, so you should be fine there. I used the full http path to the icons folder in the weather.php file.

    Wait, what cache folder? Does the plugin create a cache folder? Like the CG FeedRead plugin does? I don’t see any cache folder related to weather anywhere on my site. Could that be my problem?
    The full path in the php file is: '';
    If you try: the image does show up so that works. Arrgghghhg!!

    I have a weather_cache subfolder in my plugin folder, set with write access. I *think* this has to do with updating the weather to current conditions, tho, and not the icon display. Also, did you set the use_icon_status to ‘yes’ in the weather.php file?
    as an example, my icon path in weather.php is set to and I have the icon extension set to ‘gif’ (yours would be the png extension, apparently) and the abs path to my weather cache is /home/sportsin/public_html/sportfolio/wp-content/plugins/weather_cache
    All that is set in the weather.php file.

    i had trouble getting the whole thing working until i sorted out the folder and file permissions (all the icons are unreadable, you have to set them all to 755) and creating and setting permissions correctly for the cache folder.
    now it’s a workin just fine.
    : )

    Ok, I have tried all of the above to get the WeatherIcon plugin to work.
    The icon folder is set to 755 permissions on the folder AND the images themselves. The code in weather.php is:
    $icon_location = '';
    and the cache folder I created since it wasn’t there and set permissions to 755 and the code is (with line breaks for clarity):
    $cache_path = '/home/zobluec/public_html/blog/wp-content/

    The permissions on weather.php itself is 644.
    The icon extension is correct ‘.png’ and the icon status is set to ‘yes’
    I bet it’s the smallest, dumbest thing…. if anyone has any other tips for me, please share! Otherwise, I’ll be banging my head against the wall while I keep troubleshooting. :'(

    Going with the smallest thing … you did activate the plugin in your admin panel? I’m not seeing the weather output on your blog at all.
    If so, all I would try is going through weather.php again and checking that you’ve set all the options (there’s many to set — he’s included commentary throughout the file on what/how it should be set)

    Sorry, the test page I set up is here:
    Both the weather plugins I’m trying are activated.

    Change the permissions for the image folder so that we may get a directory listing of what is there.

    Ok, I hadda edit my .htaccess file. Directory listing is now open on the images folder:

    interesting problem.
    have you tried a different location code?
    it’s possible that the METAR data for “Chicago, IL” is not in the formated the way the plugins are expecting, and that might be causing the plugin some confusion as to which icon to use.
    I can’t really think of anything else that would cause the problem that you’re having, since you seem to have everything in order.

    I have tried other codes, even the default code that comes with the plugins. I got the city name, temp, everything, except the icon. 🙁
    As a test, I added NYC, NY to my test weather page, and same thing (see the bottom half):

    hmm, is it possible to make a reference call inside of the weather.php file to a pngfix.js file instead of doing it in the index.php file?

    huh what? u lost me, I’m lost, where am I?
    Well, I supposed anything’s possible… but I wouldn’t know what needs to be fixed.
    well, the METAR data must be ok, the icon is showing up fine for me.
    do you know what version of php you are running?
    have you checked your server’s error log?

    This shows up in today’s error log:
    File does not exist: /home/zobluec/public_html/blog/wp-images/weather-icons/.png
    I’m not sure how to read the raw log file. I can see GET 404.shtml lines for my a-weather.php test page, but it doesn’t say what the 404 error page is for.
    The PHP version my host runs is no.: 4.3.8.

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