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  • I have been searching for a weather plugin that calls the weather data for the day and time of the post, not the current weather conditions or a weather forecast.

    Is there any such plugin?

    The main problem I see with this type of plugin is finding a source for weather conditions of the past. Most weather service providers provide RSS feeds for current weather conditions, not past weather conditions.

    Why would I want weather data from the day and time of the post? Because I am crazy, and I ride my bike in Buffalo, NY every month of the year, and I want my blog readers to know what the weather was like at the time I was riding. My bike blog is online at Currently I add weather data manually, but you know computers are supposed to take the repetitive tasks and do them for us, right?

    What do you think?

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  • wild26


    I found a data source.

    Now I wonder if anyone would want to write a plugin for it.

    The weather web site hosts data for “personal weather stations” and makes it available publicly. The personal weather station for which I have listed the URL below is based in Buffalo, NY:

    What do you think? Do-able?

    I think the plug-in would have to help a person find the right personal weather station, possibly using the Google weather map.

    The tricky part is that it would have to figure out what data to post–because the line of data closest to the time I took my 6:45 AM ride to work this morning would be the line of data marked 6:54 AM.

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