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  • I have tried dozens of themes, even created a few using the generator. Even though the themes come out nice, entering text and image information the way i would like it to appear is so complex.

    Sure you can just start typing, entering your image, but I have yet been able to master a post where I can add several images along with text, in a decent amount of time.

    Using Publisher allowed me to create the body of a page in the fraction of the time I can do it in WordPress.

    If it weren’t for some of the fantastic plugins, I would be using something else.

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  • It sounds like you might really enjoy some HTML with CSS and XHTML introductory or intermediate learning materials. Once you start to make the connection in your head between how HTML dictates the content, and CSS controls the appearance and layout, the whole process becomes much more gratifying. It seems like you have a good start, but those theme creators really don’t focus on helping anyone understand why things look the way they do, and picking apart theme files doesn’t always make “how things work” obvious. Some basic learning about styling images, margins, padding, borders, backgrounds and how they work together, gives you something legitimate to experiment and work with. The rest is all just practice and a general understanding of some CSS and HTML.

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