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  • Seeking a sortable portfolio theme that is responsive and can group by project. Fingers blistered and eyes bloodshot from viewing “top rated portfolio themes” that don’t group or that are so fancy they don’t work well (or at all) or cause motion sickness.

    Simply want featured images on central page to link to multiple related images on a page (e.g. Project A with images A1, A2, A3… Project B w/ B1, B2, B3… etc).

    Bonus points for:
    1. Rollover on featured image displays Project Name
    2. Shows thumbnails of related project images (ala iWeb)
    3. Clean, coherent design
    4. WANT TO PAY FOR THEME!!! (and expect developer to be top notch and keep theme humming and current with WP updates, various browsers for Mac/Windows, and six million mobile flavors)

    Welcomed are suggestions for superlative themes or resources to check out — or at least some bloody search terms that help with what was naively thought to be a simple pursuit! 🙂 Many thanks for any insights! ~David

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  • I was having the same issue with our portfolio site. I don’t want to go with a theme, I just wanted a plugin. And I investigated several of them. We settled on this one and while it doesn’t do everything we want it to, it comes the closest and the developers are angels who stayed up way past either of our bed times helping me with a couple of issues:

    I also recommend that you check these out as well:


    Responsive themes are the order of the day, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one, and the plugins and scripts above should work just fine with any of them. If you stick with reputable theme studios, such as,, etc., you should be fine as far as solid coding and good support are concerned.

    Thanks for the response! Plugins work (IF they work!) and after being a little disappointed in NextGen, I did see Nimble-Portfolio and my pulse quickened a bit. Glad it worked for you and will give it a closer look (and the others). 🙂

    The funny part is I purchased the full dev, multi-year kit from Elegant themes (very nice designs) only to discover that my least favorite theme (Flexible) was the only one that groups project images — thus my quest. It’s kind of entertaining (frustrating?) that a few very nice iWeb features from years ago are not more widely available. New to WP and impressed with so much, but confused by a couple aspects which I (naively) thought would be more commonplace.

    BTW: am I searching for Jquery, sortable Ajax, or some other elusive term?

    Thanks again!!!

    I search by “filtered portfolio” or “filtered gallery”. 🙂

    Whew… Just finding the right term for searching has been the biggest hurdle.


    My pleasure. I hope you find a solution that you like!

    I am pretty sure you are mistaken about Elegant Themes. You can filter by group in most of their portfolios. The problem is their back ends differ. Did you talk to them? Also try CStar on Themeforest or any MySiteMyWay theme. Nimble works too. A good one for projects is Dandelion on Themeforest. It has a nice UI.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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