We use it a lot

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    That’s why we adopted this plugin: we find it really handy in templates prototype, as well on production. We are looking to expand and enhance it a lot in the next future.. Any ideas? Please let us know!

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    Here are some ideas, based on the following use case. The website I look after is http://www.barnetband.org.

    I have an engagements category on which I use your plugin. The post dates are the date of the engagement, some are in the future, others are in the past. I have the No Future Posts plugin which changes the post status from “future” to “publish”, and allows posts with a future date to be displayed. All works no problem. However what I want to do is to split the page into two and display past engagements on one page and future engagements on another.

    • allow the shortcode to select posts based on a specific field and criteria. eg post date < today or post date >= today
    • allow the shortcode to specify an order that the posts should be displayed. eg post date
    • allow the shortcode to specify that posts should be retrieved in an ascending or descending order
    • At the moment any text that is on the page as well as the shortcode gets displayed after the shortcode output, regardless of whether it is displayed before or after the shortcode in the page editor. It would be nice if the text could be displayed before the shortcode output if that is where the user has put it in the page editor.
    • I would like to be able to display more than one category on a page, so that the underlying query would work on an in basis than an =. For example so that I could display News and Reviews items on the same page
    • Similarly could categories be excluded from displaying?
    Plugin Author swergroup


    we have just made a major rewrite and bugfix, we’ll keep in mind for a next release.

    I changed the website mentioned recently so that the events mentioned are dealt with in a different way, using the Events Manager plugin.

    Plugin Author swergroup


    we’ll keep in mind anyway, could be handy.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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