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  • It looks OK but that’s not your merit – that’s a nicely designed theme you chose 🙂

    Other than I don’t like long entry pages (=with many long full text posts)… I can’t really say anything. And I am aware this is a personal prefenerence!

    hey try the gregarious plugin for your social stuff. its what i use on my WPMU site. its cute and gets ride of all those buttons until someone needs them

    thanks for all the replies. I did the “Share This” instead of the huge pictures, thanks demonicume!

    you may consider using the “more” feature for your posts. It will help to keep the main page length down. I always thought it helped to make such sites look clean.

    for your media page, maybe consider a plugin like videopop. With that plugin you can easily modify the stylesheet entries for it. Maybe make a small thumbnail of the video that will link you to the video itself. If you have the said thumbnail posted so that it floats to the left or right, you can post a small summary, etc next to it and the text will wrap around it. I see that you already have that in place with images. When someone clicks on the link for the video, it will open up a small page just for the video. For those images, adding to the stylesheet for them to have a 1px, light grey border around those images would look nice as well. You could even make it so that the border changes color if the image it surrounds is a link on mouse over.

    good luck and have fun!

    Kahil, great suggestions!

    Just a quick question, how do I get the “More…” feature to work automatically?

    Its a line in the main page template file. Look for “the_content”. I think you change content to excerpt. May want to search the forum to be sure on that.

    Also try using just excerpts on the front page with a “Read the rest of the article” link. That keeps you featuring many posts on the front page, but keeps clutter down. That way people can skim the front page for articles that interest them.

    @ jonimueller

    I think we both are referencing the same thing…lol…

    nevermind! found it, just had to do <–!more–> in the post area.

    Not exactly. You can force WP to use only an excerpt by modifying the index.php file inside the loop to display the_excerpt rather than the_content.

    I think what you are suggesting instead is using the <-- more --> tag in your post to have control over how much text is displayed on each post.

    One difference is that with your method, you just click on the “Read more” link and are taken to the single post page. With the excerpt method, you click on the post title to be taken to the post. This effect is in place on my web design site, here: (under the heading Recently Completed Projects)

    Thats what I meant to say. Whenever I have used it on mine, the text for what you are talking about says “Read more…”


    check out the apathy 2.7 theme. it comes with 2 plugins that might help you automatically make excepts.

    the plugin reloaded


    customizable post listings

    I don’t like the way your content overflows into the sidebar and the sidebar overflows into the abyss but that’s because I don’t have my browser window maximised. You have also deliberately chosen a layout which requires higher resolution than 1027×768.

    Thanks for all the replies. I updated the site to reflect some of the opinions posted on here!

    Quick update. Made it WAP/Mobile Phone supportive.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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