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  • We recently installed W3 Total Cache on our site and all our clients’ sites and had significantly improved speed across the board.

    We always do an update of a plugin on our own site first before clients.

    Before the update, our site scored a B in YSlow, a 91 on Google Page Speed and anywhere between a 90 & 94 on Pingdom. Pingdom showed us having 34 requests to the server.

    Now, after the W3 Total Cache update, we’re getting a D on YSlow, a 74 on Google Page Speed, a 64 on Pingdom and Pingdom is telling us there are 75 requests to the server.

    Not acceptable at all!

    How can we get the previous version back?

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  • Go to

    Download whatever version you need.

    Thank you!

    Reinstalling the previous version worked.

    Our YSlow score is back at a B, our Google Page Speed came back to 88 and on Pingdom, we scored a 93 with 40 requests to the server.

    Lesson learned. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

    Thx! also set back the old working version! now everyting is fine again…

    Beneteau consoleboot range

    We Need the Previous Version Back of W3 Total Cache

    No. I really don’t think so.

    You will want to install the fork from wmiles.

    Check this, this and this thread to understand why.

    From my experience, it is the best version released so far, although it is not from the original author. It contains fixes and enhancements that make it a stable and kind of benchmark release. Go check it out. You will be pleased, it is better than the original version.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I’m trying to get all relevant topics in the forum updated to help folks know why they having trouble with the update. It’s not the additional features, those have been tested with enterprise and paying customers week over week, it’s switching file management to use the WP FileSystem API at the suggestion of WP core developers, which is simply not working out obviously. So I’m sorry for the trouble, but the intent was to do things the “WP Way” and have everyone benefit from what the core developers have learned over the years. We will continue to work behind the scenes to that end, but for the moment the updated releases are reverting activation and file management BACK to the way things worked just fine before, once done, all of the great new features will work just fine for you. For those with MaxCDN as a CDN provider, issues there are with their updated API. For those with Cloudflare, issues there arise from updates to their new API (you know have far more control of your account from within W3TC and better integration with their platform). Thanks for using W3TC. It would be great if the folks that are doing such diligent support in this forum would reach out so that we can work together to help everyone, it’s my intent to get bugs fixed and bring all of the capabilities large company’s sites have to the WP community. I’d prefer if we’d do that together so we can get to v1.0 faster.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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