• I have been using Dokan Pro/Business for almost half a year now and I am pleased with the plugin in general. It is serving our needs for a multi vendor marketplace. The core function of the plugin is very useful and provides good options for customization for the admin.

    When I evaluated other multi-vendor marketplaces I looked at every option that was available. After narrowing it down it came down to Dokan and WC Lovers. In many regards the two plugins are similar, however I chose Dokan because the support was very good, I felt I could comfortably customize the plugin and the vendor dashboard seemed much more responsive to me.

    Note: We do not charge our vendors commission so I will not comment on the commission features of Dokan. I have actually customized the payments to be made directly from customer to vendor so that we are not a middleman in transactions.

    Things I like About Dokan:

    – Good overall feature set
    – Fast support response time. My favorite tech support staff are Shamina and Mushrit. They are both very helpful, professional and detail oriented. Very willing to help me solve any problems.
    – Dokan is relatively easy to customize for wordpress programmers
    – Basic plugin is open source and I can contribute to it
    – Vendor dashboard is relatively user friendly
    – As a developer I appreciate that this plugin extends wordpress and woocommerce quite nicely and sticks to convention
    – The developers put out updates to the plugin regularly and I see that they care about improving the product.
    – When I evaluated this plugin I saw that several years ago WeDevs/Dokan had a bad reputation for their plugin and customer support. However, in the most recent years they have revamped their product completely and as well in their customer support department. I see that they have made a big improvement to the quality of their product and support. This influenced my decision to purchase dokan.
    – As of now we have 27+ vendors using the platform. Most vendors have commented that the vendor dashboard is very easy to use.

    Things That can use improvement in Dokan (This is why I remove one star)

    – There have been a few bugs that cause vendors to lose some data, like formatting of their products or product information. Dokan was fairly quick to resolve the problem and release an update, which I like. But this is a sign that they could spend more time testing the product updates.
    – I have submitted several bug reports that were dismissed by technical support
    – The new zone wise shipping is very flexible but it has some fairly significant usability issues. I have shared my feedback and thoughts with Dokan and I hope that they pay attention and take heed to improve the usability.
    – Some of the advanced paid modules look interesting, but are lacking in features/usability and feel like they were rushed in execution.
    – There were a few times some of the support representatives did not seem very willing to help me, or perhaps lacking in the ability to reproduce the bugs that I submit. There were a few instances when I was told that the bugs I report did not exist, and it came down to me taking the extra time to debug their code and provide a fix in the open source plugin – then it was recognized as a bug. A few other times magically the bugs I submit were fixed in subsequent releases even though I was told that the bugs I submit did not exist. It would be nice if in those cases, the bugs I submit were recognized as bugs, which would save some frustration and extra emails. In any case I am grateful that the developers are competent and they fix the bugs in the end. However, the saving grace in Dokan’s support is that a few of the support technicians that I communicate with are very helpful. Thank you so much Mushrit and Shamina!! You both are a pleasure to work with and WeDevs is very lucky to have you both on the support team!!

    Overall I recommend Dokan to anyone that wants a multi-vendor marketplace. I hope that my comments above help Dokan to look for ways to improve their business, product and service.

    Thank you for providing this quality plugin!

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    @sagescrub Thanks for the review but leave the link out of it. That’s not permitted in reviews and I removed yours.

    Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    Hello @sagescrub,

    We are really glad to get some honest feedback from you. You have provided lots of important information and surely, we will work on it near future to do better with our support and product. We have kept your suggestion for the improvement. Also, we feel glad to hear that Shamina and Shabnam were very helpful for you. weDevs is always available to help the user and the user like you is always very important to us 🙂

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