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  • I wonder why the paid plugins never cause so much of errors, and why only free plugins are bound to be tested on guinea pigs like us.

    I guess we are just bunch of morons who try and test their plugins, so that we could give them valuable feedback, and they could mend the changes, improve it, and could sell it as a paid plugin one day.

    Wp-Deals plugin is one such example, big website showcasing the word FREE, and with host of features, but for what, nothing. You get nothing in return. It doesn’t even work properly.

    Earlier it was drag & drop functionality on the widgets screen which would freeze with this plugin activated, and now with that gone, it has other errors.

    First error, on the base deals page, it shows the deals with a link of all the pages (just like sitemap), and they show (without any reason) under the deals in a vertical fashion, and haphazard way (don’t know why, and what good it does).

    Second error, it has compatibility issues with themes, like on my theme, it shows the deals, and the description with a transparent background, and nobody could read anything.

    Third error, or misrepresentation – On the plugin author’s website, they show a demo plugin, forget the complete functionality, it doesn’t even show the countdown timer in a professional manner (just like shown on demo site)

    Now, why don’t you just wrap it up, and sell it some bunch of guys for $5 – $10 each, and they would make your life hell asking for support.

    You don’t give support, because its free, and you think that you are doing some kind of favor by giving it out free.

    I think its a crime to play with emotions, and time of people. Are we fools to invest our effort, in configuring your buggy plugin?

    No wonder why your plugin is not getting downloaded so much, and is not enjoying high rating. I quit on you..

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  • My WordPress version is 3.5 something

    Though whatever I wrote above was true, still I feel bad about the language.. And I would like to apologize to the plugin author for my words. Nobody asked me to do this, and I am doing it to clean my conscience. It will give me peace, and I will have a load off my chest.

    Amend the plugin, and I would give you a nice word of mouth.

    God Bless … !!!

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