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  • Hello,

    I am getting “We could not verify the the security token. Please try again.” error when clicking on “Accept” button for cookies.

    I am using Invisible reCAPTCHA credentials I already had installed on my website for WooCommerce registration.

    I did had caching plugin “WP Performance Score Booster” but when I turned it off, error still persists.

    How can I solve it?

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  • Colin


    Hi @astorisum

    I am experiencing the same issue (using Version 1.4.7). I have this plugin installed on 7 different sites and they all display “We could not verify the the security token. Please try again.”. It seems to happen intermittently, (it stops on here /wp-admin/admin-post.php). I have tried disabling plugins, different browsers etc but not been able to identify why it happens.

    I have had to disable the plugin until a fix is available. I see there is another thread regarding this issue, so I think the plugin author is on the case.

    I will post back here if I find a fix.

    Thread Starter astorisum


    @colin Thanks for reply.
    I hope plugin author will find fix for this issue soon because 25th May is approaching fast.
    Great, keep us posted if you too find a fix!

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    Hi guys.

    Are you seeing this error when logged in or logged out? Or both?

    This can be for a number of reasons.
    I will list the possible reasons I am aware of.

    1- Some plugin is messing with how WordPress generates their nonces. ( WooCommerce does this for logged out users. I applied a fix for logged out users and it worked for the folks who were complaining.)
    2- Caching plugins serving a cached version of the site with an expired security code. They usually expire after 12 hours by default.
    3- Server cache. Same thing as number 2.
    4- Plugins that try to hide or block access the wp-admin folder. Usually, security plugins or plugins to prevent your user to see the dashboard.

    Do you fall into any of those categories?

    I am aware of the issue and the weird thing is that I created 2 sites on my local environment and one works fine while the other have this issue. Brand new site.
    I’m still looking into a definitive fix for this.

    In the meantime, I’m working on the next release (v2.0) with many improvements that are scheduled to be released before May 25th. Hopefully this will no longer be an issue.

    Hi @fclaussen

    I´m having this issue using v2.0.6 now. Tested this on a private tab (not logged in). I´m having a caching of cause. Tried to solve this by setting the cache expiry time to 12 hours now – hope this helps…

    I’m having the same issue. When I log in, it logs in fine, but as soon as you go back to any page, and click the privacy bar – it says ‘We could not verify the the security token. Please try again.’

    Hi @fclaussen

    although I set the cache expiry time to 12 hours I still have the same problem. When I delete the cache everything works fine.

    – what is the security token? (nonce?)
    – for what reason is the security token needed to accept the terms?
    – is there a way to stop this?

    I set the cache expiry time to 6 hours now for testing.

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    The Security Token is a nonce, yes.

    I’m trying to find a solution.

    Can you list me all the plugins you are running?

    Hi @fclaussen,
    I also have this same problem.
    I use WP-Rocket WordPress Cache Plugin. If I clear the cache, it works fine at first, then the next day it doesn’t work any more (it throws me the error mentioned in the title of this post).
    Can we fix this by not caching a specific url or something similar?
    What’s the solution for us using a cache plugin? (It’s a must to have it, so it’s important to solve it as soon as possible)
    Thank you for your support.
    Best regards

    Plugin Author Fernando Claussen


    Have you tried lowering the lifetime of your cache?
    Take a look here:

    A general search for the caching plugin and nonces is an indication of why it fails.

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