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  • Removing the responsiveness would be very difficult, you would have to override all of the media queries. If you really want a fixed-width site, then you should consider switching to another theme. Just be aware that Google will mark you down in their search results if your site is not mobile friendly, which is why just about every new theme being created is responsive.

    The reason why those blog posts are going beyond the content border is because you are using fixed widths on your tables. For example, one table has its width set to 700px, with the columns set to 296px and the second column set to 366px. The content area has a width of 800px, with left & right padding of 100px, so the usable width is 600px. You can change the left & right padding to 25px and your table will fit, but only for browser widths above 768px, it will still overflow on a mobile device.

    Tables, as a rule, should be avoided when possible, but if you have to include them, best to not add any width properties and let the browser decide how to draw the table to best fit the width of the browser window.

    Hi @crouchingbruin, how are you? Thanks for the answers.

    First I have to say that I believe you have not understood. Maybe because I’m using Google to translate from my native language.
    Next, I do not wish to have a fixed-size website, I want it to be responsive myself, I understand that today it is essential to have a site made for mobile devices.
    What I really want to understand here, is because in this theme it is possible to zoom with your fingers on mobile devices, such as ‘brushing’, something that is not cool in a responsive site. When you connect the blog with a mobile device, you can try brushing it out as if it had zoomed out, and you will see that it is completely malleable, and I believe that this is not the way it should look, that should be blocked. Can you understand now?

    Ok, now on the tables, I think I’m already capturing your message, you mean that the tables are being inserted with the fixed width property, thus making the borders go beyond the layout.
    So, will I have to insert extra css in my theme? Something like width: 100%?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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