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    IS there any comparison chart bestween WCFM e WCMP marketplaces ?
    I met an article abour Dokan vs WCFM but did’nt foind anything about WCMP.

    You use to be only a front end, including for WCMP, but since you move to marketplace plugin, it could be interesting to infor us of functions and limitations. As Frontend suppliers you may have very good inputs on differences.`

    I may move to WCFM to get only one supplier for both frontend and marketplace and also getting all cool stuff you have in WCFM ultimate .

    My main concerns:

    1/ Multi-orders: WCMP will soon be multi-order (one order per seller) which will simplify order managment (se WCMP 3.4 béta

    2/ Shipping: I would be also very interested in understanding how WCFM integrate shipping plugins. Marjketplace need to consider diferente ZIP code (one for each seller) when calculating shipping costs. How do you allow that ? Which plugins, shipping method are integrated ? (exhaustive list would be great. Also brazilian specific shipping if any).

    3/ Shipping class: WCMP deal with shipping separating shipping between sellers throuhg shipping-class: has only one shipping-class per seller. How does WCFM deals with shiipping ?

    4/ Compare:
    4a/ What are the function WCFM marketplace will offer me that i don’t have with WCMP + WCFMUltimate ?
    4b/ What functions/UI would be missing in WCFM and what are you plans ?
    If some function are not available, could please tell us what and why ?

    5/ Migration:
    I saw you have a migration tool .. nevertheless, we all know that migrate a production site need to be very very careful: do you offer paid migration/support done by your own dev ?

    Wow … this could need a big, long answer but this will let us know the degree of maturity of WCFM marketplace and help us to choose.
    You may recommend to remain with WCMP for a while if you think it would be better for us for now …. we all have business running those tools and i understand it’s a huge responsability to make this kind of recomendations.

    Due to all the posts i read, i am sure that your answer will be honest and objective.

    $Thansk for the great job you are doing,


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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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