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  • Hi All,

    We are hoping there is a list somewhere of WCAG compliant plugins for wordpress, i see this is possible for themes on the WordPress site but not plugins.

    I am specifically looking for a WCAG compliant business directory plugin.

    Does anyone have any insight or recommendations?


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  • Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    I think it’s more of an approach to accessibility, as in, look for the plugins that have great support and ask around in their support forums. They may just not be aware of the requirements for accessibility. You could even contribute back. But I think it’s unlikely that you’ll find an accessible directory plugin unless it was built that way from the very start.

    I was lucky enough to come this accessibility article at

    I am currently building a WCAG Compliance site and have met with the frustration of trying to find components that are compliant which so far has taken 3 days yielding little results.

    I have found some of what i need and thought i would share:

    1. a compliant calendar (verified by the developer as i contact them to be sure)

    2. a great theme with is 100% compliant and keyboard navigation is very impressive.

    3. one of the best placing i have found for a front end accessibility panel that just works and does not break things!

    4. a compliant form builder that takes accessibility seriously

    Now for the things i have been unsuccessful in finding:

    1. a directory plugin (for creating business directory)
    2. A compliant facebook feed
    3. a document manger

    I have contacted countless developers and most answer they have not developed to standards which is quite deflating or dont answer at all.

    If anyone has any suggestions on an accessible solution for the above 3 items it would be most welcome.

    The WordPress universe is vast for the most part but as soon as you want to develop a standards compliant site the plugin list shrinks dramatically.

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