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    We have been having an ongoing issue with an unstoppable flood of new CRON jobs.
    This has slowed up the website and bring CPU usage to 100% ever few minutes.

    Finally managed to look into it be disabling cron job and launching WP Control.

    There are hundreds of WC_Cache_Helper::delete_version_transients cron jobs scheduled.
    How can I stop this? Any suggestions?


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    Hi there,

    >There are hundreds of WC_Cache_Helper::delete_version_transients cron jobs scheduled.

    I’ve seen this before and this usually means that CRON doesn’t work properly on your site.

    You can test this by scheduling a new post a couple of minutes into the future and then checking whether it was actually posted or not.

    If it wasn’t posted – I’d recommend reaching out to your hosting provider in order to make sure CRON is running properly on your site.

    I hope this helps!

    Plugin Support grigaswp


    Hi there,

    It seems that this behavior can occur if woocommerce_delete_version_transients_limit is set to 0.

    A GitHub issue was opened with our developers and they’re working on a code fix:

    Hello grigaswp,

    I have the same problem, every 2 – 3 seconds a new line is added to my cron.
    Is there already a fix for this available? I have looked at the github link, but I don’t really understand it, and don’t really see a solution for my problem.

    Unfortunately we are experiencing the exact same issue.

    We built a plugin that (on first run) imports roughly 100k+ products into WooCommerce, in chunks of 100 products per run, every 5 minutes (scheduled wp_schedule_event). However, we noticed importing products got much slower the longer it ran. We found that our cron list was flooded with “delete_version_transients” events, for whatever reason.

    The more “delete_version_transients” events ran, the higher the server load seemed to be. At a given moment there were 2000+ “delete_version_transients” events running, causing the CPU and RAM to spike, ultimately resulting in a server crash.

    Tested on WooCommerce v3.4.4 and (after updating) v3.4.5, same results.

    Made a Github issue:

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    How was this resolved? We are seeing this on the latest version.

    We are also receiving a flood of these requests. Is there a work around?


    In our case, lowering our script’s chunk amount from 100 products (per every 5min) to 50 products (per every 5min) did the trick. However, worth mentioning, it took ~7 days to complete an import of roughly 100k products. Apparently when giving the server enough breathing room to process the delete_version_transients crons, it will manage, eventually.

    Hope this helps!

    I get same problem.
    I found that because the server did not set the crontab.

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