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    Been getting a few of these errors since the last woo commerce update when leaving notes on customer accounts, these notes are just visible to shop managers/admins

    [23-Dec-2020 20:33:59 UTC] Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\WC_Admin_Note::set_title is deprecated since version 1.7.0! Use Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\Note::set_title instead.
    [23-Dec-2020 20:33:59 UTC] Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\WC_Admin_Note::set_content is deprecated since version 1.7.0! Use Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\Note::set_content instead.
    [23-Dec-2020 20:33:59 UTC] Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\WC_Admin_Note::set_type is deprecated since version 1.7.0! Use Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\Note::set_type instead.
    [23-Dec-2020 20:33:59 UTC] Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\WC_Admin_Note::set_name is deprecated since version 1.7.0! Use Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\Note::set_name instead.
    [23-Dec-2020 20:33:59 UTC] Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\WC_Admin_Note::set_source is deprecated since version 1.7.0! Use Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\Note::set_source instead.
    [23-Dec-2020 20:33:59 UTC] Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\WC_Admin_Note::add_action is deprecated since version 1.7.0! Use Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\Note::add_action instead.
    [23-Dec-2020 20:33:59 UTC] Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\WC_Admin_Note::save is deprecated since version 1.7.0! Use Automattic\WooCommerce\Admin\Notes\Note::save instead.

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    The Mother of Code | Automattic Happiness Engineer

    This kind of problem is usually caused by either a conflict with your theme or with another plugin.
    The best way to determine this is to:

    • Temporarily switch your theme to Storefront
    • Disable all plugins except for WooCommerce
    • Repeat the action that is causing the problem

    If you’re not seeing the same problem after completing the conflict test, then you know the problem was with the plugins and/or theme you deactivated. To figure out which plugin is causing the problem, reactivate your other plugins one by one, testing after each, until you find the one causing conflict. You can find a more detailed explanation on how to do a conflict test here.

    This is best done on a staging site. That’s a copy of your live site, so you can test things out without making changes to your actual site. Some hosting companies offer a staging site service within their hosting plans. If yours does not, there is a great free plugin that will allow you to build a complete staging site with a few button clicks:

    Plugin Support bernattorras


    Hi there 👋

    We’ve not heard back from you in a while, so I’m marking this thread as resolved.

    Hopefully, you were able to find a solution to your problem! If you have further questions, please feel free to open a new topic.

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