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  • I have noticed in my efforts to validate my site, that using the links widget in the sidebar is throwing WC3 a lot of errors.

    Link paths seem to have a lot of spaces in them which are unnecessary. For example…

    A get statement looks like this in links.php:

    ‘$link .= “‘ href='” . get_permalink($post) . “‘ />\n”;’

    The problem with this is not that it is a flaw or wrong per-say, but that added space right before ‘/>\n”;’ will fail in validation every time. Not only does it fail for the statement, but a lot of times it causes other failures on down the line as well.

    I realize that this is probably a preference of some and not others, but if the consortium has placed it in the rules it seems like it should be addressed. I have to say though that it is not just in WordPress that I find this; I find it in almost all plugins as well. And the only thing that perplexes me about it all is that the same document will have it without a space four or five times then all of the sudden there are 10 instances of it with a space.???

    Sure would make things easier on site developers if this was set in stone one way or the other.


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