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    Hello Jaime,

    We talked through the spanish wordpress area a few days ago.

    First of all, thank you so much for your support.

    I have a last couple of questions (promise) in order to purchase the Pro version of WC Vendors

    1. I´m working on a subdomain (named: lab.nameofthecompany.com) in order to create and design my webpage and I want to know if I purchase and active the pro version in that Sub-domain, Can I also use the same license in my formal domain (www.nameofthecompany.com) once I launch the website? Or I would need to purchase another license. The info says that´s only valid for one domain but I want to know if I can use it in my subdomain too (in order to make all the previous tests before the final launch)

    2. With the Pro version, Can I establish a comission (for my vendors) over the hole price of the cart. Let me explain it (my english is not perfect)
    Currently I have the next scenario:

    When client buys something he pay two prices: A. Producto price (e.g. 40$) and Shipping price (e.g. 4$) What I need is to put a comission over the 44$ not only for the 40$ because Paypal charges me for the 44$ not for the 40$

    How can I establish this kind of comission?

    Thank you so much

    Appreciate your effort

    Alberto Rhodes

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  • Plugin Author Jamie


    Hi Alberto,

    I do believe I answered your questions via our pre-sales form. We aren’t allowed to answer questions related to our pro products on here.



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