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    I just implemented the WC Blocks (Checkout block) on my WC Checkout Page, here:, however it is not displaying the payment options / methods (PayFast / COD) which are enabled and work fine with the default checkout shortcode of [woocommerce_checkout].

    Any thoughts / help?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I think this is a common problem people will face at the start of this NEW IMPRESSIVE mod. As I know until now that they don’t support many payment methods,, i think it is only stripe and PayPal standard not sure…


    Good luck

    Hey folks,

    We’re really happy to see people trying out the preview of the new Cart and Checkout blocks we just released!

    As noted in our release post. We wanted to get this preview out to gather feedback from stores and merchants that would help us prioritize what we add next to the blocks (and to give third party developers to time to start adding support for their payment methods before we look at merging this to WooCommerce core).

    Thanks for letting us know what you’re missing!



    The plugin is awesome and keep up the awesome work that you are doing. I have 1 problem NONE of the existing payment methods are showing. I was presented with an error “There are no payment methods available. This may be an error on our side. Please contact us if you need any help placing your order“.

    I don’t understand why the error ! I thought that by changing the layout everything would remain the same.

    You really need to FIX this bug or error

    Love the new checkout design so far guys. Saved me a lot of extras plugins / code eg billing address hidden by default. I’ll definitely be using it, but as others have mentioned other payment methods would be great.
    In my case it’s CASH ON DELIVERY that is missing. Look forward to more improvements.

    Awesome plugin.
    @nerrad is there any documentation around that you can point me to for adding support for third party payment plugins?


    Thanks for the reply, I understand.

    However, surely as this is a checkout area / block built by WC it should have support for payment methods baked in?

    As mentioned by others, not even COD is available.

    Guess it’s back to custom CSS’ng the old WC checkout fields until this – really awesome – block is updated, hopefully asap.

    Hi @joshblumberg,

    Yes there’s a link to the documentation in the Cart & Checkout blocks announcement post.

    For the rest of the folks in this thread. We are aware of the desire for more payment method support. We focused the initial release on the most popular payment methods and we are listening to feedback here and in other places to help determine what is prioritized next.

    Thanks so much for giving the blocks a try and leaving your comments here!




    I’m using Bank transfer and cash on delivery as a payment method but none of them are available.
    It would be very great if we can add them as well.

    Concerning the design, it is very nice, and it will improve the conversion rate for sure! Great work.

    Your demo shows PayPal working as a possible payment method. I believe you mention in this thread that PayPal should work. But alas, no. I cannot get it to recognize we use PayPal. Is it because we use Paypal Checkout, instead of plain PayPal?



    NO payment methods are showing or displaying including PayPal or PayPal Checkout. None of the them with the rest of the payment gateways are NOT DISPLAYING

    @nerrad When is the integration for other payments will be released? Is there anyway we can hire someone to get it integrated in this blocks?

    Plugin Author Darren Ethier (nerrad)


    To those asking about PayPal, as noted in the release post I linked to earlier, currently the blocks include support for PayPal standard (which is a payment method included with WooCommerce core).

    When is the integration for other payments will be released?

    I can’t give you an ETA on this because there are a variety of factors that will influence what we work on next and when they are available. I definitely understand the desire to have them available as soon as possible and we’re continuing to focus effort on improving the new Cart and Checkout blocks preview.

    Is there anyway we can hire someone to get it integrated in this blocks?

    If your wondering if there’s someone within the WooCommerce organization that you could hire, the answer is no. However, you could check with the companies listed here.

    This plugin not yet support PayPal Checkout plugin please need it soon

    Plugin Support thup90


    Hi @corneliusmm,

    I hope you found the previous reply helpful. We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

    What about Wooommerce Square Payment Gateway? It’s not showing.

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