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    I have a clean install of WordPress with WooCommerce and this plugin. Everything is working fine until the checkout page. When entering the card details and essentially making an order there is a request to ?wc-ajax=checkout that takes about 2 minutes.

    Am I correct in the assumption that the script is waiting for confirmation from Stripe to redirect me to the order confirmation?

    Even when the script was timing out the order still appears as done and the user creation is done. So my guess is that this is only a communication issue with the user.

    Is it possible to show a quick message that explains that the order is being processed and the user will be notified by email?

    Here is my system status:

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    Nevermind. I am an idiot. This one of those time where you spend 6 hours trying to debug something that ends up being ease fix.

    If you have a similar problem, make sure your sendmail configuration is ok.

    time echo test | sendmail

    real 1m0.170s
    user 0m0.008s
    sys 0m0.004s localhost.localdomain localhost yourhostname

    The bold section needs to be changed with your personal host name. You can find it by typing in console

    $ hostname

    Then you will know how to make it correct.

    Perfect, thanks.

    In my case, I was running a newly-provisioned server without postfix installed, and it was silently failing to send the confirmation email.

    Installed postfix and everything is working normally.

    Wow! Saved my workday 🙂 so thankful.

    My issue was with Postman SMTP, just ran the wizard again and made sure gmail api was active (it was not).

    Thanks so much.

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