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  • There is a known issue on some themes that override WooCommerce template files (Flatsome, Genesis theme with Genesis Connect, potentially others).

    When using these themes with WC 3.3, product categories are displayed in the shop as if you had chosen the “Show categories & products” display setting regardless of what display setting is selected.

    This is due to a behavior change in the way the woocommerce_product_subcategories function behaves and template file changes in 3.3. We will have a fix for this issue on legacy themes or themes that aren’t being actively updated in WC 3.3.1.

    If possible, theme developers should update their themes to use the latest versions of the WooCommerce templates. You can see what template files need to be updated in the release post on the developer blog: (Specifically the archive-product.php template)

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  • Just to add to this since i didn’t see my theme discussed. I am running DIVI and when I installed 3.3 I Could no longer access orders. It would hang and then 502. I rolled back and it is fine now. Please note this and make sure is corrected for 3.3 release thanks.


    As the original post states. Themes need to be updated to support 3.3.X. 502 is also a server error. You would need to look at server logs to see what the cause was.

    I am using the Thesis Classic Responsive theme, and the issue I’m seeing is that all of a sudden a mysterious “Uncategorized” category has appeared, and my products (in Product Sets) are all being magically added to it, in addition to the correct category I had assigned them to.

    I went in and manually unchecked the box for the Uncategorized category for many of them, but more keep coming, so I stopped.

    I am hoping that this soon to be available update will solve this problem. If not, does anyone have a suggestion?

    @zimshah go back to woo prev version,

    Thank you Joshilham! There is another problem with Pagination, which is seeming more and more like an update issue as well. Thanks for your reply!

    I was excited when I heard WooCommerce was adopting semver, but this is another frustrating example of the fact that that hasn’t really happened. Even if hooks are the preferred method of customization, template replacement is a supported option that’s sometimes necessary – it’s not some weird hack. As such, changes to how templates work are breaking changes, and under semver this means the first version number MUST be bumped.

    However, since version 3, WC has repeatedly made breaking changes to templates without the required version bump or any other form of notice. This is actually worse than the state of affairs before; in the past, we never knew when breaking template changes would occur, so we always knew we had to test everything carefully. Now you release new versions with numbers that explicitly tell us there are no breaking changes, lulling us into a false sense of security, but more often than not that turns out to be a lie.

    Please either fully embrace semver, or stop pretending to use it.

    The new update is still not working for the Subcategories on the shop page. When subcategories are selected it is showing products below it also still.

    I have a question though why did you guys place the options in teh customizer it was working great in woocommerce main control panel.

    @envyskins, by ‘the new update’ what version do you mean?

    Adding the below to Style.css helped to stop showing the Categories in shop pages.

    display: none;

    Ok so we are still dealing with this issue. WE have WC 3.3.1 and WP 4.9.4 and we have our shop page displaying with categories and subcategory and they are not showing at all and we have products showing. When is going to be fix and we are using theme Bonanza.


    Flatsome theme devs seemed to fix the issue. I don’t trust woo and won’t be updating anything unless I’m sure it works fine.

    Woo won’t fix it for you. Your only hope is theme update. Or get a new fixed one.

    Just installed the latest version of Woocommerce and that seems to have fixed the problems (Flatsome theme)

    Update went through automatically for us… strange. Is there a way to turn that off?

    Everything has gone fine, luckily

    I use The7 theme (latest version) after upgrading to WooCommerce 3.3 the site did not load, just a spinning wheel. IN the admin backend, the order page did not show any status buttons as I saw in the new screenshot, just blank space. No indication how to show the hidden shipping address, no toggles were apparent I rolled back to 3.2.6 and all is well.

    hi, I updated the latest version of woocommerce plugin in localhost. categories are showing correctly but when i click on product detail. it is not opening. error msg appears that apache has stopped working. when i view source of shop page. 1 is showing. I am using wordpress theme. please suggest me what to do? because in the updated version “shop page display” option is not available. please suggest me what to do?

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