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  • There is a known issue on some themes that override WooCommerce template files (Flatsome, Genesis theme with Genesis Connect, potentially others).

    When using these themes with WC 3.3, product categories are displayed in the shop as if you had chosen the “Show categories & products” display setting regardless of what display setting is selected.

    This is due to a behavior change in the way the woocommerce_product_subcategories function behaves and template file changes in 3.3. We will have a fix for this issue on legacy themes or themes that aren’t being actively updated in WC 3.3.1.

    If possible, theme developers should update their themes to use the latest versions of the WooCommerce templates. You can see what template files need to be updated in the release post on the developer blog: (Specifically the archive-product.php template)

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  • What a complete nightmare – this has totally messed our store up in a big week for us.

    What is puzzling me is that i have updated all of our outdated templates using FTP, yet in status it still shows them as outdated and says they are from 1.6.4, 2.2.2 etc… which they clearly are not.

    Does anyone know what has gone wrong here?

    In what directory did you place those files?

    Actually overwriting the template files with the newest from WC doesn’t make sense. Removing the files from the theme would have the same result, but the theme author would have overridden them there for a reason… Ask your theme author for an update instead.

    What theme do you use?

    In wp-content (sorry I am not techy at all but know how to do FTP).

    I use monia themes off theme forest.

    I tried the rollback plug-in on a staged environment but that made no difference at all to anything.

    Very strange

    Monia theme? Can’t find it on theme forest…

    WC theme overrides are in wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME/woocommerce

    Hi – sorry it is moniathemes:

    WC theme overrides are in wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME/woocommerce

    Yes this is where I placed the new files downloaded from woocommerce but nothing has happened.

    Here is the issue:

    Also the product category sidebar has suddenly slipped to the bottom left of the page, as you can see here:

    Really appreciate your help here.

    @paulsimo I had same problem but with different theme. Wp rollback didnt work nor did ftp the older version and changing theme templates. The only solution for me was for host to restore a backup of the site. Thankfully it was taken a few hours before the update so minimal impact in the end. If you can check whether there is an earlier backup and restore. The only other option seems to wait for the updated update. Good luck.

    @staffsbizphotos thank you very much, this has reassured me somewhat.

    I have asked our host to see if we can revert to a backup from a couple of days ago.

    What a mess! I really hope WC understand what they do to peoples companies and livelihoods when they make mistakes like this.

    Thank you for your help.

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    @paulsimo that theme hasn’t received any update since november. Contact them. They need to update; they claim to be a WooCommerce theme.

    Guys, have you seen this? Possibly solution to your issues. A pre-release of WC 3.3.1. Leave feedback, please!

    I will rollback as The7 and Woo are not playing nicely. While I do have the latest Woo open — going forward, where are the settings for the shop home page? I couldn’t find them in Appearance or Woo-Settings. Thanks in advance.

    Thankfully, our host had a back up from Tuesday that we could restore to.

    Fingers crossed 3.3.1 goes without problems.

    I had the same problem with Kingdom theme from AA-Team. The WP Rollback plugin got me back to 3.2.6 which solved the problem.

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    I also have a problem with category. I don`t want that my shop page show category and i check that in settings but still keep showing. How i remove category from shop page

    ROLLBACK FOR THE WIN! Thank you for this info.

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