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  • Plugin Contributor Claudiu Lodromanean


    There is a known issue on some themes that override WooCommerce template files (Flatsome, Genesis theme with Genesis Connect, potentially others).

    When using these themes with WC 3.3, product categories are displayed in the shop as if you had chosen the “Show categories & products” display setting regardless of what display setting is selected.

    This is due to a behavior change in the way the woocommerce_product_subcategories function behaves and template file changes in 3.3. We will have a fix for this issue on legacy themes or themes that aren’t being actively updated in WC 3.3.1.

    If possible, theme developers should update their themes to use the latest versions of the WooCommerce templates. You can see what template files need to be updated in the release post on the developer blog: (Specifically the archive-product.php template)

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  • Ken Mick


    thank you for the information. what is the eta for WC 3.3.1 to address the display of product categories in Genesis Theme with Genesis Connect?

    Plugin Contributor Claudiu Lodromanean


    Quick update: We have a patch for this issue ready at

    Also, for users of Genesis Connect they are working on a patch at and aim to have it released ASAP




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    Any chance there is an update for Flatsome themes? My categories are messed up pretty bad…



    Any chance there is an update for Flatsome themes? My categories are messed up pretty bad…



    I am using flatsome template, when can get we get the fix for this?
    All display in product page messed up.



    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. I was looking everywhere to find out where the categories came from. I’m looking forward to the update to fix this problem.

    I do have a question, I’m not having any pagination, is this due the bug of the categories on shop page?



    WP 4.9.2 + Genesis + Infinity Pro theme – This patch appears to solve the problem for me courtesy of @nathanrice . You may need to go into the customizer and reset the number of products per row again but apart from that it appears to work.



    I have replaced outdated Woocomerce template files and products and categories are showing now. the issue is images are super big / have wrong size.( Flatsome theme) Wow, this is so f.cked up. Can’t believe this. Do Woocemrce guys do any testing before releasing updates? So freaking unprofessional!!!



    Understand fix will not come within minutes rather days. Please take your time and make sure to test first before release another mess.Restored to previous Woocommerce version, all good now. I’d recommend others to do the same and wait till guys get it all fixed. Check this forum first before updating anyway.

    Regarding new features from change log: 3.3, it seems that you are trying to fix something what was working pretty good and might just introduce more issues.

    Feature – Added new options to the WordPress Appearance Customizer; control the product grid (rows and columns), and image sizes.
    * Feature – Improved how image sizes are defined and calculated. Set an aspect ratio (custom, 1:1, uncropped) and image sizes will be automagically calculated based on widths.
    * Feature – Changing image sizes will trigger automatic thumbnail regeneration in the background.



    to change image sizes
    1. Appearance > Customise > Woocommerce > Images
    start with 150

    2. Use the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails

    Gemma Wild


    In another thread someone very helpfully suggested WP Rollback. I’ve just done this and now my website is back up and running as it was before I updated Woo.

    I would highly recommend doing this (make a back up of your site first) as a temporary work around until the guys can sort through the bugs 🙂



    Forcing users to regenerate a few thousands already existing images don’t seem like welcome feature to me. That is not way to go.



    hi, on my admin dashbaord, firstly 3.3.0 update of woocommerce plugin is showing. now i want to update it. it is not not showing. Did you(@claudiulodro) hide the update. In dashboard, Version 3.2.6 is showing and when i click on view details. it is showing that latest version is installed and version 3.2.6 is showing. plese update me and one more thing did it works on wordpress themes or not?



    @adil1641 same problem. I was trying to fix the outdated templates in the theme, was using staging version with latest (broken) woocommerce. Had to go back to 3.2.6 and now cannot install it again.

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