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  • For those in difficulty with this plugin and WC 2.6, don’t waste your time trying to make it work, just deactivate WC2.6 and download WC 2.55 from here. Activate and voila TRP should work again. I had my fears that I would lose my products etc, but when I installed WC 2.55 everything was there and worked. Another tip before testing, go to woocommerce settings status and then tools, click on clear transients, then click on clear expired transients, then click recount terms and finally clear all sessions. This will clear the crap cache from 2.6 and any test purchases from the cart.

    Shame the developers of WC didn’t tell us our table rate problems could be solved by downgrading, instead of pigeon holing us into having to buy new plugins, corporates at their best.

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  • I love this plugin and for those angry with the developer, I think you should point your spears at the developers of WC, thanks to them for 8 hours of work to figure this one out 🙁

    Sorry I’m unable to edit my post, when rolling back from 2.6 to 2.5.5 deactivate 2.6 and delete, download 2.5.5 from the link above. I had concerns about losing my products and content, but thankfully that didnt happen. But rather be safe than sorry and backup, re-install 2.5.5 as you would any other plugin and table rate shipping plus should work. Lesson learned, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it and avoid upgrading unless absolutely neccessary.

    Thanks loki1976. I also loved this plugin but it seems like the developer has just disappeared, even from those who bought the expensive pro version. If they have disappeared, then it will only be a matter of time before the plugin will stop working.

    I agree with what you say about WC. It’s a pity but that is how they work – especially as without the postal rates by weight most sites can’t function. There is another free plugin which I’m trying out but difficult to understand how to set it up. It’s :

    …he has a pro version which is $39 …but that is per site, so if you have more than 1 site it’s going to get expensive.


    First of all a disclaimer: I am the author of a plugin which I am going to recommend.

    There is an alternative called Flexible Shipping, free version available here:

    Flexible Shipping is fully integrated with WooCommerce 2.6 and supports the built in shipping zones.

    The free version allows to create rules based on weight and cart total.

    There is also a PRO version that adds rules based on cart items, shipping classed and more. And it comes with great support.

    Please check it and let us know that you think.

    @swoboda Thank you for posting and also thank you for your disclaimer …if only everyone realised how refreshing and trust-encouraging these truth-disclaimers are!`

    I am interested to try it but having tried a number of them feel a bit ‘dizzy’ with trying to work out how to set them up, etc. and how much facility they offer, I would like to ask if it is similar facilities offered as in the Mangohour plugin? …in other words can we get the job done with the free version?


    Please head over to our demo and try it yourself: – you can also try the PRO version and see the difference.

    If you have some specific questions, just ask here.

    @swoboda Will do, many thanks

    @swoboda I installed your plugin and it’s almost very good, but it unfortunately falls down …here, for example:

    In Uk, there is just one shipping rate for UK …whether it is mainland UK, scottish islands, scilly isles or northern ireland. The prices of shipping to each of these 4 locations have a very BIG difference …and although you can put in which postcodes you want, there are literally hundreds of them for uk … so that is useless.

    I see you are Polish so maybe you don’t know the problems with our UK shipping. Our woocommerce site is for UK so we ABSOLUTELY NEED to be able to differentiate the 5 or so shipping areas.

    The Mangohour plugin allowed each separate shipping area to be treated as a separate shipping cost.

    …it’s a great pity because the rest of your plugin is use-able

    Thank you. I am going to discuss this with my team and I think we will be able to fill the gap. Will let you know when we analyze this.

    Many thanks.

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