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  • Waypath provides content related posts from the blogosphere for each of your permalinked posts. This new plugin is designed for WordPress 1.2 + Here is an example post with the plugin.
    Here is a link to the plugin download.
    The install is really simple and can be turned off per post as well as blogwide. No other changes needed to turn on or off. This plugin is XHTML compliant.
    Please post bugs on here.

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  • Works great! Thanks.
    The only problem is that now when someone tries to leave a comment, there is a 5-7 second delay before the actual comment field shows up and they can start commenting.
    Any way of tweaking that?

    Lizard – Thanks for the plugin. It installed easy and works as advertised.

    ok this is weird… for the hack i need to modify the comments file…
    earlier it was the index file… damn, upgrades are more pain now… :o(

    This should be really simple sushubh. 🙂 Simpler than ever before!

    Thanks LL 🙂 Added to the wiki.

    Has anyone put any thought into caching the info gotten from Waypath? If it’s cached, then displays will be faster. Maybe then there wouldn’t be a delay before the comment fields show up.

    yeah, first time implementation is easier…. but upgrades to nightly…
    index is not a file that is often tempered but who know abt the comment file 🙂

    There are some issues associated with caching the Waypath data. This is a live plugin and a cache would not only make the information stale, it would mean a more intrusive addition to the system. In spite of this, a cache could be really useful and is something that I might implement in the future.



    Hey, LL, I want to add an ID attribut to the
    <div class="waypath-box"> tag….. how in the world do I go about doing that. I have a link off the posts allowing users to go right to the waypath box, but the new plugin doesn’t have an ID so my link is broken.
    any clues, hints, tips or something I should look for?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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