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  • I got hooked onto the Waypath idea once I saw how it worked. The creators had hacked together a plug-in for MT and Radio. I wanted one for WP and B2. So here it is. Look at the hack code and instructions at
    In simple words, this hack implements a pre-determined number of unsolicited trackbacks from the world of blogs on <i>your</i> post topic. Very cool way to surf the blogosphere! Imagine writing about the weaknesses of Microsoft RPC and getting 10 related entries from other blogs on the same topic. Information aggregation that is useful! See how it works at Click on a post to get the post and related entries. Very configurable. Uses php XML-RPC.

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  • LL,
    Very cool! I looked at your code and got a headache! 🙂 I saw the hack in action on your site. Is there a way to have a new window open with just the Waypath links rather than tacking them on to the end of the comment page? That can be a lot of scrolling down to see them. Not only that, when I tried it the first time, I didn’t even realise that the links were down at the bottom of the page.
    Anyway, your coding skills are infinitely more superior to mine, and I appreciate the fact that you are sharing it with the community!

    I appreciate your positive feedback. I would think opening a new window every time would be intrusive (I hate pop-ups and pop-unders), a link that says “Click here for related entries from Waypath”, would be better. However, that does change the dynamics of the plug-in. I would have to redesign it somewhat to accept a post number and take it from there. It will take me a little while, I have a lot of homework to finish. 🙂 Hopefully sometime next week. If I forget and you still want me to develop it, shoot me an email and remind me.

    I see your point about pop-ups. Instead of you hard-coding the way it’s presented to readers, can you not package it up to provide the necessary code to fetch the Waypath links and leave it up to the site designer how to display it?
    “Homework?” C’mon, Lizard, where are your priorities? ;0) ROFL!

    Great hack! I would suggest how I used it for my blog..
    instead of placing:
    <?php if ($p > 0) {echo waypath(return_content());}?>
    in my template (index.php to be clear), i placed just:
    <?php echo waypath(return_content());?>
    in my comment template. this because, if you try, you will see that the ‘..if {$p..’ thing will not work if you use apache mod_rewrite to generate permalinks (ie. just because, i think, the $p variable is not used (is it? well, doesn’t matter.. it doesnt work, believe me 🙂 )
    this way you could access your related post going to the item page, or clicking the comment link (which is the same..)..
    i did this way, placed a link named “BlogospheRelated” at the bottom of my posts, which brings back the comment page + anchor (such as #related) in the comment page where the plugin shows his output.
    again, great hack 😀 !!!
    see you!

    oh.. i forgot.. if you put the modified code in the popup comment template, you will obtain (linking it the right way) a popup window with your related entries 🙂 isn’t it?

    uhmmm… what do you mean? well, my comment template is the one that cames with wp.. slightly modified.. but.. don’t you call the comment template with
    <?php include($abspath . ‘b2comments.php’); ?>
    ??? i do so, and just modify b2comments.php with the echo wypath.. uhm.. what do you mean when you say “is your comment template different from your index.php” ?? of course is different.. but i think i’m missing something 😀 🙂
    let me know

    You are right, I was not thinking when I wrote that post. I had changed the way my comments work a very long time ago, and I had forgotten the way the original WP index.php gathered comments… 😛

    ahah, fine 😀 well, now you know it’s a php include 😀
    are you ok now? have you seen how does it works on my blog and my modifications?
    anyway, really COOL hack!!!

    just upgraded to the current CVS.. and, sadly, it doesnt work.. the page just stops loading, and i can’t understand why!
    any ideas?

    Hacks and CVS downloads have never really worked well together. However, on your page, it looks as if the Waypath hack does not even show up on the source of the page. Make sure the hack has not been commented out by CVS in the upgrade process. The comment section of the new CVS has quite a few spam prevention and comment control improvements which changes the structure of the comments.

    well, actually you might have seen it when i removed the hack code. i noticed that, in fact, the page opens regularly, but after a time.. than i noticed a connection reset by peer error, which, investigating more, was something relate to the firewall policies of our servers, which are part of a DMZ lan.
    so, after the firewall was finally completed, it didn’t let anything connect oudside. this makes sense if you think that, after all, you could be hacked, and this way someone would not use your hacked box to make disasters ouside your net, with your ip.. this make more sense if you make regular backups everyday, so even if the hacker destroys your data, the damage will be relative..
    ..of course, this will not make this great hack work 🙁
    now, i’m discussing this issue with my friends, which are working with me on the server, to eventually permit connections to the waypath server (..and even, and other “pinged” sites) to let the hack work..
    i’m thinking about some way to make it work remotely, but i think you always need to make a request outside to include a script.. uhmmm, maybe i’m wrong? is it possible through javascripts or something?
    if you have an idea and would like to share, you’re welcome!

    I installed this hack and it’s great! I do have a few questions though:
    1. How can we reduce the amount of text for “each” blog entry that comes up? How would we just include the title of that blog’s post without the text? The reason I ask is because the text often comes out blurry/blurred in the results..
    2. Why does the text come out blurred?

    The answer is very simple…
    Look for this line:
    new xmlrpcval(“3”, “int”), #style
    Change the three to 2 or 1 to get different amounts of text returned.
    The reason the text comes out blurry is because of the text size. You can change that in the CSS.

    Thank you LaughingLizard…works great. Now another pesky question. How do we get the blog links in the hack to open up in a new window instead of taking visitors off our sites?

    A lot more complicated. The data you see is actually being output by Waypath and returned as a block of HTML from the WayPath XMLRPC server. In order to put a “target=” kind of tag into each HTML link, one would have to parse through the entire output and add the target tags to the links. But here is the solution. The text file linked below explains how to make the links open a new window for wach waypath related item. 🙂

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