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  • This “plugin” for Hueman Addons only adds shortcodes, and then again, it doesn’t.

    It adds the code so that the theme will actually take certain predtermined shortcodes. That’s it. No editing button to actually choose and use the shortcodes. No ON SITE, IN THE ADMIN PANEL list of shortcodes, no.

    You have to go to the Customizr site, see the documentation (they don’t even provide a cheatsheet for reference in pdf form, for instance), then you have to REMEMBER every shortcode (or store them somewhere on your computer by saving their documentation page because they DO NOT provide a pdf for it) and go back to that every time you need a shortcode to copy-paste it. There is nothing “short” about that!

    I mean, Hueman is a great theme, why can’t the plugin have a shortcode button in the editor toolbar like every other shortcodes plugins do!

    Who would expect “normal users” to remember all those codes? Couldn’t the plugin at least provide a cheatsheet? I really don’t understand why it’s not a button in the editor toolbar.

    Just saying… (even if it’s free, because I really, honestly don’t see the point of using the Hueman Addon plugin when there are tons of other better shortcode/social plugins out there).

    Why is this plugin so minimalist when the theme is so great?


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  • Correction: it adds shortcodes and social buttons. The shortcodes part is where it’s really too minimalist

    Plugin Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


    Hi @mariedi, I agree, and I’m also currently frustrated with the shortcodes.

    I would love to implement them with a button like you describe it, and like it exists in other plugins.

    That said, why is it not done yet ?
    I’m currently working on another important improvement for the plugin (see the coming next chapter) and did not have the time to improve the shortcodes.
    The Hueman Addons plugin was introduced historically because it includes features that I could not embed in the theme, according to rules. Typically, social sharing and shortcodes are in the list of the so called plugin territory features.
    In the coming weeks, the plugin will be greatly improved with innovative features.
    I’m constantly working to improve the theme and it’s plugin companion, and I have to define priorities. For the moment, the shortcodes have not been prioritized, and are more to be considered like a basic tool to add content in your pages and posts. But you’re right, even if they are simple, they should be easier to embed.

    Thanks for your feedback and appreciation of the theme!


    Thanks for your reply.

    Do you have a time frame for useable shortcodes?

    Because honestly, without the shortcodes (and an easy way to use them), this theme is just like any other… a great departure from it’s previous versions. 🙁


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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