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  • Review: jQuery Manager for WordPress v1.10.4

    How do you like it, when you know that you specifically did something completely right – and then you get penalized for it? Not great, huh?

    Well, in this case I build a website on WordPress – which sadly still makes use of an outdated jQuery version in its core. This is a known fact, so I installed a security plugin (iThemes), that addresses this inherent security issue. All good, now it’s no longer a security issue, right? I then audit my website with Google Chrome Dev Tools: I’m penalized because of the outdated jQuery version! WTF!

    I’m not into blame-games, but maybe WordPress dev-team and Google dev-team should have a nice, friendly chat on this one?

    Anyway, and long story short, this was very annoying. I searched long and hard for a solution. And found it – YAY! And yup, you guessed it, the name of the solution: jQuery Manager for WordPress plugin.

    And by the way: Now my Google score for Best Practices is “100”. Ahhh, nice!

    Big shout-out and thumbs-up to Remzi, the guy behind this plugin. He single-handedly took issue with and solved a problem, that the WordPress dev-team still haven’t solved: How to run a WordPress installation on the latest stable version of jQuery. And I get it WordPress dev-team, it’s very, very complicated to incorporate new versions of jQuery in WP core. But this is just such an annoying stone in a users shoe! And has been for several years now. But I still love you though WordPress 🙂

    Anyway: Cudos Remzi! Way to go!

    My honest rating of this plugin: 6 big stars! No, wait, 7 stars!!!

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  • Plugin Author Remzi Cavdar


    Hi @petercopenhagen

    I’m so grateful for your in depth review.
    If I had more time I would implement more features, the only thing is that I don’t (study/academy and other things).

    But I’m glad I’m able to help users in this way.
    Good luck with everything!

    Best wishes,

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