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  • Hi, conceptually I like the idea, but without proper tutorials (and maybe even a couple of starter stylesheets as examples) it goes way over my head..

    I cannot even set up basic h1 to h6 with various colors and sizes for different breakpoints.. something I understand how to do in in the Customizer css but have no clue how to replicate using your plugin and the Global shortcodes provided :/

    This could have a lot of potential as Elementor is a blessing and unfortunately also a major curse when it comes to styling (and thy don’t seem to care..). I use Astra now as it allows much better styling options, a least for fonts (though also quite convoluted when it comes to “global” colors .. but your tool could be great with Elementor Hello for example.

    Will be looking a this hoping it develops in terms of tutorials.


    PS: In term of your experience do third party Elementor Add-ons apply good practice when it comes to global Elementor implementation?
    Because if one creates a nice “theme” using Rabbit Builder to then realize that third party Add-ons do not play nicely it’d be a further hurdle..

    T H A N K S

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  • Hello,

    I can understand the frustration and I am currently working on some tutorials on how to use this plugin to Globally Style your entire website.

    Unfortunately producing tutorials also requires another set of skills that I do not possess and all those tutorial that are ready is in “URDU” Language.

    What I can do right now is that I can give you a complete clone of the theme I have developed with this plugin.

    You do not have to install anything to learn it.

    If you go the following URL:

    and sign up, It will instantly spin up a complete clone of the template and will send access to your email.

    There is no better way to learn and understand how this comes into play. I have also used some advanced level of color functions using SCSS. When you see the code you will understand how it works.


    As for your other question.

    This is not really/truly Elementor Addon. It just a regular plugin that add CSS/JS to your website. It only detects if Elementor is installed or not and simply replace Global Keywords.

    Let’s say for instance my plugin is not really working well with a future version of Elementor. (Which I don’t think will happen) You just want to copy the generated CSS/JS – Put it in a child theme and remove this plugin, That’s it.

    This plugin never adds/removes anything from the Elementor page itself. So removing it will have no effect on the Elementor itself.

    I am also open to giving you a 10 – 15 min screenshare tutorial if you need it.

    Kind Regards,

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