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  • dear wp-experts, dear experts of the great plugin participants-database,

    first of all: i am a big big fan of this overwhelming plugin. I really love it!!!

    the question: is there any way / method to run two or more sites on 1 instance of wp-participants-datbase.
    note: i want to run two or more wordpress-sits /(with different topics and genres – e.g. some of the following:

    a. jobs
    b. talents / artists
    c. job-opportnunities
    d. volunteering opportunities
    …. and others more.

    question: can i work and combine all the four sites onto one instlalation of WP-participants-database?!

    What I would like to accomplish is to replicate three or four setups with wordpress like I have on my hoste environment, where one, fully independent WP-paticipants-database installation all sit in the same public_html directory and serves the above mentnioed needs.

    so the question is the following – is this possible?!

    dear buddies, i hope i was able to spell out what i want to achive. If you have any question – just post.

    again and above all; i am a big big fan of this overwhelming plugin. I really love it!!! keep up the great work – this plugin is one of the best plugin i ever saw!!!

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  • hello dear apolloman,

    cool idea: 😉

    I think you’d be better off looking for a way to access the same database from multiple sites.

    So say you’d have sites A, B, and C, all making calls to the same wp-participants site. I’m not sure if that’s easily done, but they seem to claim it is. From your link – participants-database: ( )

    The plugin can be easily adapted to work as a database for other applications such as indexes, directories, catalogs, or anything, really. The plugin uses a system of customizable templates for all its displays, and an API for the customization and extension of its capabilities. The plugin is fully internationalized with a growing set of translations.

    well that sounds pretty interesting.

    guess that there are options and methods that support the idea.

    To go into the details: From what I see, this very intersting plugin likely uses the same database as the one used by the WordPress installation, hence if we have three or let me say four different WordPress-installations on one server, they will each have their own dataset for each wp-participants-database.
    Well to be frank: Therefore, the simple answer could be – at the moment: no, there is no way / method to run two, three or even four sites on 1 instance of wp-participants-database. But perhaps the developer has got more ideas. Let us wait if he will come around with some additonal ideas.

    If we go more into the details – there could be said more: so on a more complex sight – i think that the complex answer is of course yes, there is a way / method to run two or more sites on 1 instance of wp-participants-database,

    This is – let me say a bit ambitious – but i think that it can be done.

    So i would say: if you try to tinker and tailer and modify the plugin a bit it is surely possible, but if you don’t already know how to do this, your best bet is to contact the author, and you may need to pay the author or some other experienced WordPress plugin developer to do this for you.

    Again – to be frank: i am sure that this is doable. And perhaps the developer has got some methods and ways that support exactly this aim.

    Did you check the developer-ressources allready –
    There you find plenty of information on various aspects of the participants-plugin

    hope this may help you 😉

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by  espanas.

    hello dear Apollomann good day.

    i mused some times about this thing and thought that i can give you some additonal advice. – regarding the the idea of running on a single database for multiple instances

    Well – if you want to go like this and are aiming for the following:
    creating two instances of WP on a single domain. For example,

    Like so: and ….to use a single database (same comments/posts and yes: same Participant-database-plugin that you mention – cf. )

    The simplest way of doing that is just conditionally defining the environment variables in wp-config.php like this:

    /** Define alternate home and siteurl based on $_SERVER host var */
    if ( strpos ( $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], 'wp2' ) !== false ) {
        define( 'WP_HOME', '' );
        define( 'WP_SITEURL', '' );

    with this – i guess that is helping you in what you want to aim. i t’s considered best practice to do things like so.

    please let me know if you get stuck –

    cheers from Malaga / Andalusia / Southern Spain where the sun shines
    ever and ever

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