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  • Is there a way around Yahoo’s Customizable Permalinks plugin? I would like my permalinks to be date/name but when I activate the plug-in to make the permalink customizable it adds an extra line at the start of the feed code causing the feed to break.

    Is there another plug-in or some other way to customize permalinks with Yahoo web hosting, or do I have to sacrifice the pretty permalink for the RSS feed (which would be bad).

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  • Dunno, didn’t know yahoo has problems with normal WP permalinks?? How about a different web host?

    Yahoo was the only one I could currently afford, only have to pay in 3 month periods instead of 12 months at a time. I recently just found this out myself, but the weird part is it all worked until about a week ago then for some reason it started acting this way.

    There are cheaper hosts that charge by the month. I would never use Yahoo! hosting. It is a nightmare with WordPress, especially if you start doing more advanced operations.



    Cheaper hosts by the month, can you give a quick list of some? I’ve been having to learn to work my way around so many things with Yahoo, but never did work it around this problem. Soon as I can afford it I would love to switch hosts..

    I would be so nervous switching though, be scared I would lose something in the switch ^_^. Thanks for the reply.

    I have had good luck with actually. It is super cheap, not the fastest, but cheap and worked well for me with WP.
    $3.99 / mo

    I, personally, love, but it is
    $10.00 / mo.

    I have had an alright time with with wordpress.
    $4.95 / mo.

    Dreamhost is always good and flexible. I don’t think it is very fast and they do have some downtime, but most people don’t mind.
    $6 – $7 / mo., but it looks like it is $9.95/mo if not paid in 1 year increments, so that might not work for you.

    I stay away from Godaddy and Yahoo! though for hosting wordpress.

    Also. Check this page:

    Some of those are the same price range I believe.



    Thanks I will check into those! Ironic, Yahoo! and Godaddy are the only two hosting services I have tried…I just can’t pick them I guess, ha.



    I have checked them out, and I just realized my hosting fee for Yahoo! is due again sometime this week which I did not realize!

    I’m not sure on the disk space, traffic space given on them however, how do I figure out about the space I would need? For example, how much bandwidth or traffic space does a person use when viewing the blog?

    For example:

    For $4.95 you get web space: 500MB and traffic: 50GB

    My problem is Yahoo! gives unlimited bandwidth and disk space, so unless I just haven’t been able to find it in 3 months, they don’t show you how much bandwidth or space your transferring.

    I usually upload pictures, and sometimes video in my posts as well which I know makes a difference.

    Any feedback that could help me would be appreciated, quicker the better as I would need to purchase the new host, and learn how to transfer my current blog to it as well before Yahoo! hosting charges me around the 18th of this month…I’m going to have one busy week!

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    (@otto42) Admin

    I’ll soon be switching off GoDaddy to A Small Orange hosting, I think. They look pretty decent.



    I’ll check them out, but can anyone give me an example of how much bandwidth visitors and uploading things to the blog could take up each month? For example I try to add images within my posts, and lately videos as well. I would estimate anywhere from 25-50 pictures a week to 10-15 videos a week in posts.

    Last month I got between 3,000 and 3,500 page views, hoping to go past that this month. I am going to try and choose a different hosting service tomorrow and try to get the ordering out of the way and hopefully figure out how to transfer my blog to it without losing anything.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The only way to estimate traffic is, well, to do it and then draw conclusions based on the past traffic. Nobody can tell you what it will be beforehand, but if you’ve been running your site and monitoring the traffic it gets now, then you’d have a pretty good idea of the total usage.




    I’ll soon be switching off GoDaddy to A Small Orange hosting, I think. They look pretty decent.

    you will be VERY happy with aso, otto. They were my last shared host — excellent support the few times I needed it, no hidden restrictions on what PHP manglers can do, and still pleasantly secure.

    ghanes14, like Otto, I can’t really answer that. I would estimate that the bandwidth should be plenty on most of these accounts, but there are so many factors.

    I will have to keep ASO in mind in the future, their lower plans are pretty cheap. I still highly recommend Eapps for the $10/mo range. They are awesome with full access to your server and config files and support has been great with them. I have been using them exclusively lately and sending clients to them.



    I was looking at the package for $9.95, what’s your feedback on that? I looked at eapps, but not sure how far the 2GB web space would go, or the 30GB for traffic, and no idea what the 160MB for memory even is for.

    So much to consider for sure…

    my experience with hostforweb is a little limited, but it worked fine for me. A client already had it, so I built the site on there. It wasn’t high-traffic, so I can’t speak one way or the other on that aspect. I am curious what you are hosting that 2gb looks small? A lot of video maybe? If so, you are probably right to push for more bandwidth.

    On eapps basic account, I have been able to handle a decent amount, but when I got a surge of about 2000 people in a half hour, I upgraded to the $30 account with basically a phone call and/or a push of a button. I downgraded later when traffic subsided. I think if I had wp super cache in place that would have been lessened.

    I just recently started embedding video to my posts as well, which I think makes it more interesting so I just wanted to be sure to account for that in the future as well. Just in case I start adding more video.

    I ended up switching to FusedNetwork for hosting, I got the basic package for $10 which gives me 1GB disk space and 10GB transfer, but if I hit that it doesn’t cut off, I just get charged an additional $2 per GB. I can also upgrade to the $12.95 package which would double that to 2GB disk space and 20GB transfer/bandwidth.

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