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  • Ok, happy hackers… I use WordPress Advanced Ticketing System on a site used for work. I was running 2.9.2 and for the most part things ran pretty smooth.

    For some stupid reason I had an auto update today to 3.0 which chanaged my database and my WATS system is no longer working.

    – I can Post tickets on the front end, but not the back
    – I can view tickets on the backend but the front end links to 404’s
    – Perma Links on the tickets are 404’s I tried changing/updating perma links with no success.
    – I cant roll back to 2.9.2 with the changes made to the database

    So… Is anyone up for the challenge on getting this SOB to work on 3.0 – I know someone can hack around it. The plugin maker said he is too busy to look into it right now without a donation. So I figured I would toss this out there and see if anyone has figured out a work around, or if anyone was bored and skilled enough today to come up with one.

    I need this to work a.s.a.p

    So where are all my super heros at??

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  • Bump 🙂

    I updated my site to WP 3.0 and I found that WATS was breaking all general posts marked Private. They wouldn’t show up in the Recent Posts list and if I tried to view them from the Admin backend, I got an error 404.

    I will fix the problem but I can’t do miracles guys… Do you think I could work 24h/24 on this plugin?

    I would love to but I have to eat and pay for my home and this isn’t with WATS donations that I could…

    So you need to understand that professionnal support has a cost, a value and finally a price. If you are expecting professionnal support, you need to be ready to pay for it.

    I haven’t forced anybody to upgrade to WP 3.0 and I have never stated that WATS was already supported with WP 3.0.

    You need to leave me some time to make these compatibles. This will hopefully happen sooner than later. And you are more than welcome to make some donations if you want me to make this a higher priority. At least, this would be coherent with your expectations…

    lol man I understand you have to eat. I’m not at all saying dont eat or make money.

    But the amount of time you have complained about not having donations, you could have fixed this already.


    I promise as soon as I win the lotto, you will be one of the first social developers I donate to.

    The cool thing is, that people love your plugin – it in return is something we use to help run our business combined with other plugins. I’m not picking, nor do I think anyone is picking on you or your lack of time invested in this plugin. We obviously are saying we love it and would love to continue to use it with this other great free app called WordPress.

    I totally understand your side and how you feel my expectations might be too high in wanting to see if you can fix this issue.

    On the flip side if your purpose of developing this plugin was only to get donations, well… that sorta goes against what makes wordpress so great. Donations are great.

    Think of it like this – Say we are all riding a public school bus(not a short one) and then the bus gets a flat in one of the tires. (yes I know you didn’t put the nail in the road or tell us to upgrade – but none the less we have a flat) We are all riding the same bus to school, and in this case your tire is flat. So asking for donations to fix the issue at this point is like saying “well sorry, I know you cant do work till I fix it, but… tip me because it makes me work faster”

    Yes we all have places to go, things to do, mouths to feed. But we are ALL riding the same bus. I told you that I cant help with money, but I sure offered to hold the jack, flashlight, tighten the lug nuts. Whatever I can to help this process so we can get back on the road.

    I’m not asking for you to add all these new snazzy features or things that will make my job easier. I’m just simply saying, “we have a flat” can you take a min look at it, and assist in getting us back on the road.

    Money will come man, you will see that. I know it sometimes feels as if your putting all this hard work into nothing and nobody cares, but I think you can see now, we do.

    So get a work around for 3.0 I will knock out some new graphics or help get your site looking amazing and we can all move forward. Fair?

    I think the bus flat tire image isn’t the right one. I haven’t forced anybody to jump into the WP 3.0 bus. It was clearly mentionned that WATS hadn’t been tested nor certified for WP 3.0. So it is a bit like jumping into a bus which hasn’t been checked for a while. It could make it, but it isn’t sure. So now, you can’t just complain about the fact that the tire is flat.

    I disagree on the amount of time spent on requesting donations vs coding. I have spent few hours this week end trying to understand WP 3.0 new features and made great progresses over a WP 3.0 release. Now you can imagine that after one year of coding on WATS and more than 50 releases, I could at a point expect a bit of reward.

    It was clearly not my intent to become rich when I start the development but you can still imagine that having a bit of rewarding is cool and motivating.

    I won’t tell you about the number of people that asked for new features, commited on donations and then never filled these once they had the features. So now, I am a bit reversing the things. You want a new release quickly while I hadn’t commited on anything? Ok no problem, just contribute a bit.

    FYI, making WATS work with WP 3.0 doesn’t only require a workaround but a complete revamp of the plugin without breaking it for past releases as now WP supports custom post types and taxonomies.

    Last but not least, if you think about it, many great plugins aren’t maintained or don’t evolve anymore because of the lack of recognition for plugins developers. Paying 5 or 10€ isn’t a lot. Writing a post isn’t as well, etc…

    I made a clear statment there :

    Feel free to pass on the word 😉

    Thats the french word for tool?

    lol, dont worry someone will figure it out soon enough. Happy Hacking.

    I am not worried. Based on the number of areas I had to change just to make few things work with WP 3.0, I am quite sure your dreamt hacker will have good time 😉

    Good news, I have almost completed WP 3.0 compatible release coding after 25 hours of efforts!

    I consider that I have filled my part of the job. Just make some noise around WATS, make some donations and it will be released!

    10 days since last message, this is the right time to provide an update!

    I haven’t received any single € of donations! So we are far from the 500€ target and I am more and more thinking about switching WATS to a paying model.

    Looks like the truth spirit of WP plugins is definitely that developpers are working endless hours to code new features and deliver new releases while some webmasters make money thanks to their plugins on their website without even willing to give back few euros to value the work…

    It is funny to see that those complaining about the fact that more and more plugins aren’t free anymore are the same that never made any donation to enable plugins to remain free. They have usually never written any single line of PHP and don’t have any idea of what level of expertise is required to write a complex plugin. They just underestimate everything’s value because they have always been given free PHP code so why would this change?!

    WATS development and support took me around 400 hours over the last 12 months. Would you work 400 hours of your time for free and then even speed up your development cycle when users are pressuring you to deliver a new free release?

    If you don’t understand my position, I have absolutely no problems with that as I just can’t understand yours. WordPress is all about sharing, not grabbing without giving back.

    Hi I really would like to install your plugin. I think you should monetize it and switch to pay model but just wanted to check before I do pay “donate” that you got plugin up and running for 3.0. If it’s updated I am more than happy to pay for it.

    FYI I am going to customize your plugin to create progress reports for members on my member site. Your ticket system layout should work perfect. When someone submits their “ticket” a.k.a. Progress report I will review it then close the ticket. With a few tweaks perhaps I hope this will perfect. Please let me know if it updated version is available. I want to send you some moola asap so I can get your plugin uploaded on my site.


    Yes I have a WP 3.0 compatible release available. It was quite some work to make it compatible with WP 3.0 because of the built-in custom post type feature but it is working.

    I haven’t yet switched to a paid model. I want to give a chance to the community to keep it free if possible but if not enough people are ready to contribute and make some donations, then I will have to switch to a paid model. This will allow me to focus on users that really deserve support and new features.

    If you need some customization with the plugin, feel free to let me know, I could either do it for you or provide some guidance.

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