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  • Hi,

    Just to let anyone known if they had the same problems as I have.

    I recently upgraded the image I use for my watermarking, but I could not see the watermark being added to images on my site.

    The reason was because of Jetpack Plugin (Proton)

    I first thought it was my browser keeping the original images in it’s cache, so I kept cleaning the cache but the old images stayed and I got very frustrated.

    I then read that if proton is switched on the the imaged is cached permanently at and if you modify the image on your site the proton cache does not update the image so it continues to serve the old image.

    So I have had to switch off proton in the jetpack plugin and now my images are being servered correctly from my own server and not the proton cache at

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  • Plugin Author Michael Zangl



    This plugin requires Apache+mod_rewrite in a basic setup.

    If your image cache/CDN is holding old versions of the image, talk to that cache operator on how to flush the cache manually. This is only required after changing watermark preferences (e.g. enabling/disabling it, changing the position, …). The plugin cannot detect that and there are plenty of cache types. Facebook and your browser may also cache old versions of the image.

    The plugin will respond with a 304 Not Modified correctly if you use the default apache setup and has it’s own cache to make things as fast as accessing a normal file.

    Like I said, it’s all part of JetPack Plugin that they use the Proton to cache.

    From a Jetpack Mechanic on another thread
    You won’t be able to flush Photon’s cache. The images are currently cached “forever”. If you want to refresh an image you will need to change the name of the image. Adding random query arguments, commonly known as cachebusters, will not work.

    I was just saying if you come to replace the watermark on your images or even modify an image (while keeping the filename the same) AND you are using Jetpack plugin (Proton) then none of your modified images will be shown. So disable Proton and live happy

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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