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  • I am just trying out the plugin and uploaded a watermark then realised I needed a more transparent version

    But when I go into settings and change the image to use as the watermark, then regenerate the thumbnails, I now have images that have BOTH watermarks – the solid white one and the 50% opacity one slightly offset behind it.

    I’ve regenerated the thumbnails several times with no success.

    I suppose at this testing stage I can just delete my images and gallery and start over but I am concerned that this problem might recur should I need to change the watermark at a future date when I could have hundreds of images

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    I did some more experimenting.

    I turned off watermarking – watermarks remain on all images despite regenerating thumbnails.

    Next I created a new gallery with different images – the images appear correctly without watermarks

    I then turned watermarks back on, selected my 50% opacity watermark image, then regenerated thumbnails again.

    Now the original gallery images seem to have THREE watermarks, the new gallery images don’t have any watermarks apart from one image. The only image that has a watermark is a portrait orientation one and the watermark is only partly displayed – it looks like no scaling of the watermark is taking place so that it appears in full across portrait images.

    I hope you’ll be able to solve this as I really want to recommend the PRO version to my client but can’t with such a significant issue there.


    Thread Starter dustycat


    Thread Starter dustycat


    It seems that your support response is as non-existent as ever.

    I really can’t recommend your plugin to my client if I cannot be sure that you are going to deal with support questions.

    I know you have a ‘premium’ support via your website for Pro purchasers but you really ought to invest in responding to tickets here because people who are evaluating your plugin with a view to purchasing the pro version will assess your support quality by what they experience, and see others experience here.

    I’m not going to risk spending my client’s money on your plugin because with no response to support questions, how do I know that you’ll respond to refund requests either?

    Such a shame as it’s a good plugin on the whole. Another lost sale……

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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