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  • Resolved Walt Modler


    Can not remove or change Watermark. When totally turned off “SPECIMEN” will not go away. Help! Also can not replace “SPECIMEN” with other png file.

    The watermarks are part of the program (“WP Photo Album Plus” 5.1.16, found in Settings/IX/D1). Let me say when I first set this program up (a few weeks ago) watermarks were set to off and I tried them and decided to not use them. The issue came up after the update was installed, not that it may have anything to do with the problem. Watermarks are not in WordPress 3.7.1 or any of the few widgets I use.

    I am referring to this.

    I am not a tech savvy person and this program is filled with WONDERFUL instructions, simply written, so even I can understand them. My Marine buddies who are old and believe a phone should have a cord, find it easy to use!

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    The use of watermarks is intented to avoid users to steal your artwork.
    That is why they can not be removed.

    If you want to ‘repair’ the images, ftp the originals to your depot directory and import them while the ‘Update’ checkbox is checked.

    See the Photo Albums -> Import screen for more details ( as where your depot dir is etc ).

    Walt Modler


    From what you have written I understand the watermark is added to the picture file in uploading. So I can reload the images (making sure the watermark feature is OFF). Or and this is where I am confused. What is “ftp”, “depot directory” – and where is it? I think I figured out Depot dir is were the uploaded images are stored?

    Also where is the “Update” checkbox? I have checked all the lines on the Settings Page, and all other pages and can’t locate the word Update. I went to the Import screen and tryed to find the images in my depot directory, (none found) I went to my host searched the directories and found the images. The location is not one of the directories listed in Export. New problem, how to add it? If I just move the files to Slideshow-gallery I would break the links (yes or no)?

    There are 34 albums and 699 photos in the system. Only five albums do not have speciment on the images.

    I am sorry so many questions, but your program is so worth IT!

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    From what you have written I understand the watermark is added to the picture file in uploading. So I can reload the images (making sure the watermark feature is OFF).

    This is true.

    An ftp program is a program to transfer files to and from the server directly, so, not using a web-address. If this is difficult for you, there is an other way.

    You should make a zipfile containing the photos ( if there are many photos, make several zip files, put no more than 10 photos in a zipfile ).

    You can upload zips, one by one, on the Photo Albums -> Upload Photos admin screen: Box C. ( Do NOT check the After upload go to… box. )

    After uploading ( try one only the first time ) go to the Photo Albums -> Import Photos admin screen.

    You will see your zipfile there. Press the Import button. The zip is being unpacked and deleted. You will now see the photos from the zipfile.

    Chck the Update existing photos box, and leave all the other checkboxes ad they are.

    Press the Start Ajax button, and see what is happening.

    Please… do NOT manually move or copy files on the server!!!

    Walt Modler


    I am sorry but this seems like a lot of work. Wouldn’t it be easier to delete the albums and create new albums. Or, Delete the images in an album and reload the those images.
    Please remember I have loaded 699 images in 34 albums.
    The files uploaded just fine as before, without Watermark. I checked my host and the old deleted files are gone.
    Last question do you feel I might have later problems doing it this way. I will wait to do this after your answer. I don’t see any problems now.
    Thank you very much for the help.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Yes, the easyest way is deleting the photos and re-upload them.
    Use the Bulk link in the album table to delete many photos at once.
    This will not give problems later, so, go ahaead.

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