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    Excellent plugin!

    We settled on your plugin after reviewing several others and it is almost exactly what we need.

    We need to be able to scale the watermark so that it covers the same % of all images even when their size varies.

    I see there is an option to ONLY scale the watermark when an image is smaller than the watermark; however, we need to scale the watermark always on all image sizes.

    Specifically, we want to place a small watermark in a lower quadrant (which the plugin allows) and then have the watermark always be the same proportional size in that quadrant on images of any size.

    Is this possible now?

    If not, can we fund the addition of that feature?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Phil D

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  • I did read this thread before posting.

    Sounds very similar to our needs; however, we do not want to scale the watermark to the full width or full height of the entire image, (only to a quadrant) so it does not seem those option settings will accomplish our goal or am I missing something?


    Plugin Author szaleq



    I guess your quadrant (not sure, what you mean by quadrant?) is proportional to the image dimensions, isn’t it? If so, then you can calculate the proporsion of watermark relative to the image (if the quadrant is 50% width of an image and you want the watermark to be 70% of a quadrant, just make it 35% width).

    There is an option to scale watermark ONLY TO SMALLER IMAGES, but this is totally optional, by default it is scalled also to BIGGER images.



    Hi szalaeg,

    First, this is a great plugin and I want to thank you for all the time and energy you put in creating and maintaining it. I tested a dozen others and found your’s to be the best for our needs. The only thing I am struggling with is getting watermarks to appear so they are proportionally the same size on images of all different dimensions.

    We are seeking to place our watermark at the edge of an image so the watermark does not interfere with the image and on a 500×500 image and a 1600×1600 image we want it to cover the same proportion of each image, say 10% in the lower lefthand section/quadrant of each image.

    By quadrant, I meant one of the 6 section areas of the image as defined in the settings area when we select the area of the image to position the watermark in.

    At present, I have created several different size watermark image files and I must upload one in settings that is sized appropriately for the size of the uploaded image in order to achieve the desired effect.

    An original image 1600 x 1600 requires a larger watermark file in order for the watermark to be the desired size in the lower left hand area as defined in settings.

    However, an original image that is 500 x 500 requires a different size watermark image than a 1600 x 1600 image in order for the watermark to be the desired size in the lower left area of the image as defined in the settings.

    Thank you for the suggestions and I will try a few and advise results.

    Maybe I have not fully understood how to use the current scaling feature so I will try some more tests.

    Thank you for your time.



    Hi again,

    After reading the scaling instructions I have a question.

    Could you add an additional setting so that each of the five watermark scaling options can be:

    1. watermark scaling applied to the entire image (as they are now)
    2. watermark scaling applied within boundaries of the selected placement section of the image

    I think THAT would accomplish what we are trying to do.

    In settings we can select the position (section of an image) where the watermark will display, but when scaling is activated, then the watermark is no longer restricted to the selected section of the image. If the scaling could be applied WITHIN the boundaries of the selected placement section of an image THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. 🙂

    Thanks again for considering this.

    SooBahkDo, did you resolve this issue? I am going through the same issues here…. Anyone? please RSVP with the fix if possible.

    best regards, “K”

    Hello ksteele36,

    Unfortunately no.

    Our workaround is clumsy. We created several watermark images at various sizes and select one that is suited for the size of the entire image being watermarked and so the watermark image size is confined within only the image area we selected for the watermark position.

    I really hope to author can implement a scaling solution that confines the watermark within the area of one of the position blocks selected for the watermark placement. THAT WILL BE AN AWESOME addition to this great plugin!

    SooBahkDo, thanks for responding & in a timely manner. Yes, agreed… this option is the one thing that could make this plugin golden… or to make it more clear for the end user (us) to understand… As I suspect I have it working as discussed above but I am uncertain if the plugin is performing this function or if it is indeed the mod. Anyhow, what I did that you may not have is – Under “Settings / Easy Watermark Settings / Image Tab” selected the Area I wanted to use… left “Scaling Mode @ None” and entered “50%” for Scale.

    Prior to posting I did not enter a % sign in the fillable field. I think this is working for me… I did have to recreate my logo a few times before I got it right.. as the Opacity does not work for .PNG files (I think it’s a server thing) and this may be the issue why SCALE does not perform for us too.

    Look here to decide for yourself.. follow the link to the post page and the image is resized and the watermark follows suit:

    Either way, good luck and thanks again for responding.

    P.S.- in the future if you ever have to revisit this for some unknown reason you might try this plugin first… I installed this on WP v. 4.0.1 and it was NOT functioning quite like it should – but has GREAT potential. I like the work they put into it… they just need to update it.

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