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  • watermarks not applying to post thumbnail. I’m not applying to the full size since i’m trying to use NON-DESTRUCTIVE EDITING to be able to go back and re-apply watermark of needed. Basically trying to get New Nine Adaptive Images, Simple Image Sizes,

    Watermarks area working only for medium and large thumbnails.

    Also using Simple Image Sizes plugin to generate new thumbnail sizes.

    Here’s the setup:

    • We are using Full Res Images (3,000px – 5,000px average) * I’ve found this better than using a plugin to resize images when they upload so the originals can be accessible for later design.
    • Yoast (helps to hide attachment pages, forces a 301 to the post/page it’s attached to)
    • New Nine Adaptive Images generates smaller cached versions of the watermarked images (faster for 3G-mobile and tablets). Stores nice compressed smaller versions according to break points, and it does work for the Large & Medium Image Sizes.
    • Simple Image Sizes to generate more options for healthier featured images in theme. Currently using a 1920×1080 featured image size for Full HD display.

    The watermark plugin is only applying to the large & medium image sizes, but not the post-thumbnail image which I have set to 1920×1080. I assumed the watermark would apply as long as the original is larger than the 1920×1080. I have the “Post Thumbnail” option selected in the watermark settings.

    Sorry if this is scattered info, trying to work a miracle, but having inconsistent results with the Image Watermark plugin. I’ve tried regenerating thumbnails, deleting cache folders, deactivating plugins, re-applying watermarks, then regenerating the Adaptive Images.. But for all tests, the watermarks are not applying to the larger 1920×1080 size images, which has me questioning if its a server limitation… ???

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