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  • I am sorry to tell that it does not work at all:

    1) I created jobs and if they get published on the general achive post page, they just are not linked correctly to the individual post (job listing) page! The link has simply a mistake and you have nowhere in the settings to check the url of a published job listing! (You can though change it manually for each listing the client supplies, and if you have more than 10 a day, you’ll get quite busy). So, no job listing is finally published (though I see the page from the dashboard of a site admin).

    2) When submitting a job listing as a front-end user, the listing is submitted and the user is asked to enter their dashboard. When entering the login and password – there is simply no dashboard page, the user lands on the front page of the web-site as a simple visitor. Very frustrating! I mean these are basics!

    If this is how it functions after 4 years of development, I am sorry guys.

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    And moreover, you have no control or access to the database of the users – you can neither ask them to join the list nor have a possibility to communicate them any changes to the use of the plugin.

    I’m sorry you feel this way — but these issues you’re having sound like basic WordPress setup issues. Mainly permalink setups, and user login handling which is basic WordPress stuff. This should have been posted in the support forum, not as a review — but i will address your issues below:

    1) Make sure you have your permalinks setup correctly and saved. This should not be an issue, and you do NOT have to manually edit listings to set the URL, you just have to configure WordPress to use permalinks correctly and it will automatically generate them for you.

    2) When you install WP Job Manager there is a setup page that is loaded and will setup all your pages for you (or you can manually do it yourself). The login landing is basic WordPress stuff — you just need to configure WordPress to land users when logging in to specific pages. You can use my WP Login Flow plugin to do this based on the user role (or for all users).

    3) User access control as well is basic WordPress stuff — user’s are created and managed as general WordPress users, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when WordPress has this natively integrated — you can even set the role to give users when they have an account created via submitting new listings.

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    Hello and thank you for a quick reply.

    Permalinks have been checked. I do not see where else I could modify this. What happens is that the job listing is created with the link but the link from the job-board page leads to and I have nowhere to control it.

    In the settings of WP job Manager all the pages are set up (apart from a single job- listing which would be so much appreciated too). It just does not work. It will probably all work with a couple of dozens of other plugins:(

    WP users are not automatically added to any lists. And if I want to add them to the list I need to go to every single name and subscribe them to the list by editing their account. But ok, at least this is not something that you promise to deliver. So, this is not an issue.

    I would really love to have your plugin functioning to the level it is described on your page. If we can solve at least the two major problems, it would JUST BE GREAT! As I do need the paid extensions too, but I also have to be sure they will work.


    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Hi @sltn , I would suggest that you please start a support thread, so that we can troubleshoot your issues together:

    As @tripflex mentioned, you posted in the Review section. Let me know once you’ve posted, and we’ll see what we can do! Thanks.

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