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  • Hello lelanda,

    Your comment about “PC” is 100% valid, as we do state in the description that our Plugin is not a stand-alone one but functions along with our AllWebMenus (Win) application: “Required software: AllWebMenus PRO”

    Just allow me to disagree with the TITLE of your comment about “waste of time”. We have many WordPress users that use AllWebMenus and this Plugin and they are very pleased with the menus they get and the support we provide to them. Even when we have a bug and they tell us about it, we immediately fix it and improve both the plugin and the AllWebMenus application. It has not been a “waste of time” to them. Maybe we need to make it more clear that the plugin is not a “stand-alone” one but requires a paid Win application (AllWebMenus) to work with.

    Best Regards,
    Aris Filokostas on behalf of the Likno Software team

    I am, however, on the verge of determining the same thing.

    After years of no problems at all (though I have NEVER been able to get the plug-in to work regardless of version and had to use a template addition) and letting my subscription lapse, suddenly no matter what I do, the plug-in only throws chmod errors on line 40 of the includes.php and adding the template php code does absolutely nothing anymore. The menu is gone and menu system worthless no matter how I compile it.

    I thought maybe updating the software and purchasing the upgrade would resolve the issues. Obviously not. The zip file upload doesn’t work in the plug-in and the whole structure of how to add a menu has changed for the worse.

    Given that Likno wants to charge even more money for it’s “support,” I’m not holding my breath that the sum of money (that is quite expensive as WordPress plug-ins go) is going to be worth it this time around. Might as well just design around WP3’s already existing system.

    Working with support, the problem has not only been solved, but watching the updates on the plug-in and application as a result of a morning of direct troubleshooting (which was a lot of fun, actually) resulted in success all around.

    Never in my life have I ever seen a company make changes on the fly for support purposes in order to solve problems. It was awesome!

    Greetings to ALL by the LIKNO SOFTWARE SUPPORT TEAM.

    The problem described by the user “EREMITICLIFE / SCARLETCARNIVAL” (same user) at the 2 posts above was related to the new WordPress version (3.2), which introduced some changes to the “folder permissions”. These changes are now handled successfully since version 1.1.11 of our WordPress plugin, so there are absolutely no problems with using our plugin in WordPress.

    In particular to this case, the user had also setup WordPress to block the uploading of “ZIP” files, so our ZIP file could not be uploaded and an error was occurring. This is now also handled with version 1.1.12 of our WordPress plugin.

    We want to thank the user “EREMITICLIFE / SCARLETCARNIVAL” for re-posting after we supported his case. It was very good that he had also emailed us about the problem so we had the chance to look at his problem, communicate with him and be able to solve the particular issues he was facing in a fast manner.

    As the user mentions at his re-post (as “SCARLETCARNIVAL”), the problem has been solved and in an “on-the-fly” manner (we literally did a remote viewing session in order to discover the problem and fix it ASAP).

    We just want to reassure all users that we are always here to help and solve any issues you may encounter due to particular configurations (that we may have missed in our testing).

    Thank you!

    Yes, my apologies. I wasn’t able to get back over here to make that clear. My experience with these guys are awesome and it was fun working with them to resolve issues and see a product continue to evolve for the better.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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