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  • After weeks of research, and going through recommended Store Locator plugins one by one, and even going so far as to purchase Mapify, only to be awarded an incomplete folder (no plugin zip file!), you’d think I’d have learned my lesson about paying for plugins, but NOPE.

    I downloaded the free LITE version of this plugin only to discover that Store Location markers cannot be clustered on the map itself; rather, the LITE version allows only a listing of retail outlets below the map ,along with 3 icons the customer must figure out, and then click to find a store, get directions, whatever. What kind of Store Locator plugin doesn’t allow for Store Locator Markers!! If you want those markers – pretty much the reason you’d be installing the plugin in the fist place – you have to upgrade to the “Pro” version.

    So ok, out of total frustration with what should be a very easy task, I gave in and hit the “Free Trial Upgrade to Pro” up-sell tool, tried to register for the stupid 30-day trial licence, and ka-BOOM! Stupid thing crashed.

    A Store Locator plugin that forces you to PAY for markers – really? That tactic really, really sucks.

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  • Plugin Author RobertHarm


    Hi Karina,

    I am sorry for you – putting energy in getting maps up and running and failing is frustrating.

    Can’t talk about your Mapify plugin experience described in the first paragraph though as this is not a plugin maintained by me. I am sure though that the incomplete folder/no zip file has rather been a temporary issue on their server which could have been fixed easily through a support ticket at their helpdesk.

    So now turning to my plugins Leaflet Maps Marker (=free version) and Maps Marker Pro (=pro version). You are right about clustering: as stated clearly in the description of the free version, clustering is a feature of the pro version. What you are wrong about is your statement about “not allowing Store Locator Markers” (at least if I understand you correctly): both versions allow uploading of custom icons – using FTP with the free version and through an integrated more-userfriendly upload button with the pro version. In addition you can further customise the marker icon options via settings / map defaults / default values for marker icons in both versions.

    Regarding your crash when trying to start a free 30-days trial: I am sorry that you have experienced issues here, which are from my experience mostly related to special server configs or related to (not yet known) conflicts with other plugins or themes. Nevertheless, that process works multiple times each day with other users – I know, this is not helping you, but of course I would have assisted you in identifying and fixing the issue if you had contacted me about it.

    Anyway it is just not true that you are forced to pay for markers. The free version is a fully functional plugin as described in the readme.txt which is offered for free and as open source and has been downloaded nearly 300.000 times currently. If users have advanced needs for their maps, they can optionally upgrade to the pro version and will get of course assistance if they run into any issues when trying to do that.
    best regards,


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