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  • This company should have developed their system more before they released it because now I will never use it.

    i created my swift account, spent forever trying to find the “new form” button as there is no place in the menu that says “forms” or “build form” or anything. Finally found the form page by going to the home page, then clicking “read more” (need to scroll in the little box to see it) in an article called “5 minute overview” ???? which is crazy that the form page can only be found by clicking on what looks like an article. I then made a basic form with name and email/ submit, etc, then added my thank you url, created my pages needed on my site, added the necessary shortcodes as listed in the instructions;
    [swiftsign variable=”email”]
    [swiftsign variable=”name”]
    [swiftsign signature]
    [swiftsign submit]

    All I get is a box to sign my name. Then I entered in the shortcode they show on the embed into wordpress page like this: [swiftform id=”440″] and still same thing.

    Plus they mention a widget comes with the plugin but there is no such widget.

    I wonder if this is compliant and what the cost will be once its past beta stage…. which I did not realize until later. None of the links on their website work or say coming soon, I get this but why is it so hard to find the form builder page? Then after I build my form and leave the page, how do I find the form I created so I can edit it? Now I am screwed I guess and my time does not matter to this company. I guess I need to be a web genius to figure out the url:

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    Jessica + anyone / everyone reading this:

    1. We are still in beta. Also, our onboarding sucks. Looking at your account, the correct products didn’t even fire correctly on the backend – we’re working on it – which means the product you signed up for wasn’t even enabled in your account… no fault of yours, 100% ours. To date, 99% of the users of this plugin were setup by us – and of course we know the system, hence our pretty atrocious signup flow.

    2. The above comments refer to a different plugin for electronic signature. Realistically, it is hosted on as a service to the clients using it so it’s easy to update, and in preparation for a mass-market, advertised product. We’re not there yet. As of Aug 2016, frankly, one would have to be psychic to get any value from it and correctly hook up a form.

    We know this, our attention has been focused on coding issues, but obviously we need to back up, label things as beta, and put some attention on training / onboarding / smoothing the experience.

    3. The review stings but is fair. I’ll bump that up.

    The plugin is powerful, but difficult to use. We’ll solve it. [Set to top priority; for anyone reading this after Sept 1, 2016, it should by now be solved]

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    For support on any products please see

    Hi Jessica… first I’m SO sorry to hear about your recent troubles getting setup with Swift’s platform. It sounds like they’re a cloud-based solution vs. WordPress hosted.

    While I’m not very familiar with their service, I can advise you that if you’re looking for a self-hosted WordPress powered solution that is a UETA/ESIGN compliant platform for your WordPress site; you might want to look into:

    We recently partnered with Ninja Forms to create a very powerful form workflow integration. There are also a handful of third-party integrations (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Gravity Forms, Gravity Flow). You would need a business license to build out the workflow though.

    How exactly were you hoping to integrate your form workflow? I’d be happy to advise a step-by-step plan if you need any help (there’s always tons of options… it really comes down to finding the BEST option for YOU!).

    If you have any questions my personal email is: kevin at

    thank you for your response SwiftCloud, its good to know that I was just not missing something and the feature really just was not there. From a user aspect, I recommend you take the plugin down until the feature it is supposed to work with is ready. I have never seen a beta version that was not at least 99 percent usable; betas are to find bugs. The plugin will send unsuspecting people to your site in hopes of a certain result based on what the plugin says it will do, and that is inject your e-signing service onto a wordpress page BUT your e-signing service is not there yet.

    Good luck with your program, I wish your success.

    After much research and trial and error, approveme seems to be the most reliable option at this time, my client has already purchased a business license. I hope it works. I am not sure the workflow yet but basically, to be a member of the website and purchase certain items, they must sign a document during the sign up process. We want this to be as automated as possible. Fill out form, e-sign document and submit. Any ideas from you, Kevin would be much appreciated. I already have a form built with ninja but need to add the e-sign feature…. the e-sign form is a form in itself but I wonder how they can sign it without leaving the page or if its best to build that form within the form I already have.

    Hi Jessica that’s a FANSTASTIC question!

    So it sounds to me like you could handle this custom esignature workflow 1 of 2 ways.

    OPTION 1 (Ninja Forms):

    1. You would create the Ninja Form and include your custom fields, product details and payment information (using their paypal or Stripe add-on).

    2. You would create your waiver/contract using our Stand Alone Document feature with WP ESign and then connect it to Ninja Forms with this Ninja Forms Digital Signature Plugin

    3. Connect your Ninja Form data/fields into the contract places they need to be in.

    What will happen (from a users perceptive):
    – The user will go to a page where the form is located requesting their details.
    – They will fill out the form and submit a payment
    – Once the payment goes through they will be redirected to sign their custom contract (which will have data from the Gravity Form already inserted in the contract)
    – They will add their legally binding signature
    – The signed contract will be sent as a PDF to the user (and you)

    OPTION 2 (WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads… not sure what you’re using?)

    You would create your waiver/contract using our Stand Alone Document (business license) and then connect it to either:
    WooCommerce with our WooCommerce Digital Signature Plugin
    Easy Digital Downloads with our Easy Digital Downloads Signature Plugin

    Whenever a customer adds a product to the cart they will first be required to sign your legal agreement before checking out.

    What will happen (from a users perceptive):
    – The user will either add a product to their shopping cart
    – They will be redirected to sign their custom contract
    – They will add their legally binding signature
    – The signed contract will be sent as a PDF to the user (and you)
    – They will be redirected to the final checkout screen to enter their credit card and complete the order

    If you want to read more about the Woo or EDD integration here’s a couple articles:

    If you have ANY questions please let me know and I’d be happy to help.

    curious at

    – Kevin

    Plugin Author SwiftCloud


    I’m following up ancient news here:

    1. The review above doesn’t even refer to the Inbound Marketing plugin, it refers to this – – our Free electronic signature plugin. It is surely not the same as any competing plugins, however, it’s free, works, and integrated with SwiftCloud – which can do far more than just electronic signature.

    2. At that time, (5 months ago). Jessica was probably right to be angry and it was too early. That said, those issues are solved, and the plugin is 100% separate from the above.

    Plugin Author SwiftCloud


    Also, for anyone reading this, please drop us a line at http://Support.SwiftCloud.IO if you have any issues.

    This is not an officially supported channel and may be sporadically monitored.

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