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    Lost my job after upgrading to V3, nothing compatible and backwards compatibility not reactivable : the container block has disappeared.

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  • Plugin Author Benjamin Intal


    Hey there,

    We are very serious about providing the best features and have tried our best to provide the smoothest possible upgrade paths for everyone. If you have encountered any updating issues, it’s likely that it would have been easy to fix.

    If you had any issues about the update, I would appreciate it if you first asked for our assistance instead of giving us our first 1-star rating. A lot of people have upgraded to version 3, and the majority of people have successfully upgraded without issues. There are always unforeseen hiccups especially with an update this huge. However, any issues any of our users have brought up, we’ve checked and we have addressed them promptly and diligently.

    I would have to say that version 3 is FULLY backward compatible with Version 2. If you have version 2 installed and you updated to version 3, your frontend should look the same. If things didn’t work out, it’s possible that things might be fixed by ticking the migration settings checkbox; if not, we could have just easily helped out.

    As for the backend / editor-side we provide a few upgrade options – which should be presented to you by a migration wizard. You don’t have to re-build anything, and everything version 2 should still stay and work the same.

    The container block has been replaced by the Columns block, just pick 1 column.

    These links might be helpful if you’re still having trouble:

    If people would read before complaining…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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