• My 40+ entities were deleted as I uninstalled WordLift.

    means you have to keep this plugin whole life otherwise your entities will be deleted.

    how to get them back?

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  • Hi Sunil, please understand that when WordLift is installed, it generates a vocabulary made of entities, which is your custom dataset, so if you removed it and deleted it, it’s a normal part of the workflow that the entities are deleted, just like with any other plugin in WordPress. However, if you have just deactivated it, please reactivate it, and the entities should be back. We also replied to you quickly to offer support. To provide the best assistance to you, you can also give us temporary access (ping us at support@wordlift.io), so we can help assess the issue quickly and solve it.

    Keep in mind that most WordPress hosts offer a backup service; your entities might still be safe in yesterday’s backup. We are more than happy to speak to your host on your behalf to recover the data with them.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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