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waste of time

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  • BearFang, would you please explain why was this waste of time?

    I really would like to learn more. So far Theme have not received anything but good things and you’re the first one to say that it’s waste of time.

    Saying waste of time without proper explanations or support forum question is not fair 🙁

    I am working day and night to provide free dedicated support and if there’s a problem to help as much as I know and can.

    I also noticed that you left one more negative feedback on Google Analytics without good reason, so really hoping that you can provide more details and tell me how can I make your experience better.

    Being a Theme Review Admin I assured that all codes and functionalities are up to date and properly implemented as well and code bloating or any other “junk” in my Theme is strictly forbidden.


    Yeah along with Emil, this theme is also free… He does provide support too. Please explain WHY this theme sucks so much? In my view, it doesnt suck if 401,588 (including mine) sites use this theme??? Please explain BearFang


    Thank you for support @waco001 I am surprised to hear this as well.

    Support is on my mind 24/7 believe it or not some night when I can’t sleep I would login just to see if there’re some questions in forum 🙂

    My bad is that I take my Themes too personal and can’t stand having my user unhappy.


    I’ve got to agree with waco001 & Emil Uzelac. To give a 1 score and not explain why something IS so bad, really isn’t helpful to the developer, as they can’t address a problem or put something right if they don’t know what the issue is. I (personally) found it very easy to use.

    Thank you @billbob69


    BearFang [ Moderator note: Fixed. I’ll assume that was an honest typo and not name calling ] has no credibility

    Hello BearFang,

    It is okay to be disappointed with a theme. Let me rephrase,
    It is okay to be disappointed with a GOOD FREE RESPONSIVE THEME.

    However, one should approach the relevant people and try to figure out what the problem is and sort it out. Emil did not intend to harm you/your site in any ways by offering a theme for it. He was just trying to help you without even knowing who you are.

    Since websites are deployed under varied conditions and servers, things can go wrong at various probable levels.
    If you start procrastinating without explaining how one can help you, it states that you are a person who gets frustrated pretty early and do not have the patience that one needs to entail in tech stuff.

    With this display of lack of patience, how can you claim that you find it easier to “…code your own site than to use this”?
    Coding takes tons of patience.

    I feel that you should really reconsider your statement, apologize to the author who just intends to help you with a STABLE and FREE RESPONSIVE theme for wordpress and state your problems. I mean just do a google search, no one is offering a more minimilistic and a theme with so many options. The beauty of offering these options is that no matter how many people use it, each site can be made to look distinct and different. This theme is really good and it should actually not be free. And the reason I say this is that because of the support it comes with. Its a first for me for a free theme. I do not expect support in a free theme. I mean who does? How many are offering support for a free theme?

    Secondly, please be more sensitive when you rate people for their work and/or services. I am not saying you need to be essentially satisfied with the product/service but be mature enough to at-least reach out and figure stuff out. Google and other sites rate sites more on what you say (as visitors or consumers state) rather than what the site owner would like to portray.

    Just be good, don’t be evil, thats what even google states as to be their corporate policy.

    Lastly, how can it be easier to code than to download and INSTALL A FREE RESPONSIVE THEME? DoH!
    Downloading an installing a free theme takes just a few seconds of no-brainer mouse clicks. Does not make sense at all!

    Emil please keep up the good work, a donation is on its way from my end.

    You rock!

    – Rishab

    Thank Rishab your support is highly appreciated 🙂


    My intention was not to hurt anyone’s feeling. Creating a theme is a lot of work I can understand the reason why you are upset. The simple fact is I rated the template honestly and I am sorry that I offended you. I am just one person, I don’t like the theme, in the first few lines you have this note.


    I didn’t like it, I felt it was a waste of time trying make into anything I would want. I reinstalled and tried it again. My rating of one stands. There is no point of rating things and giving everything a high rating even if you don’t like it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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