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  • In my opinion, the free plugin is now totally useless because it is not preventing from ordering when the shop is closed.

    I understand the developper want us tu have the pro version and pay.
    But to my point of vue, it is a bad way. In my case, I will just look another plugin…
    Perhaps the developper could think another way to bring us to pay (less, 49$ for a pugin is really too much !! For this same price, I can have a whole theme…)

    Anyway : my advice to all users : do not make the update !
    1st, it will rest all yours schedules
    2nd, your customers will be able to order even if the shop is closed.

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  • Plugin Author Jaed Mosharraf



    Thank you for using WooCommerce Open Close.

    First of all, you can not say this way, Free version of this plugin is useless as we clearly specified what Free version has and what Premium version has. We never said that Free version will restrict your customers from Placing orders at the time when shop is closed. Rather free version will give them a message on the Footer(Customisable) that the shop is not functional right now.

    To restrict placing orders you need to buy premium version. We are doing this way from the beginning.

    Yes we always want to provide our customers more functionality and features and obviously we should expect something from them. If you are able to buy a good alternative of this plugin then it’s your choice.

    Yes we are coming up with some more attractive features for the premium version and who purchase this current version will get the premium version without giving a single penny additionally.

    We think 49$ is worthy of the Premium version, but if you know the difference between a Plugin and a Theme on WordPress I think you would never write this line “For this same price, I can have a whole themeā€¦)”

    Most importantly: I think you should not give this kind of message publicly to the users of this plugin who wants to pay and use the Premium features. This is not acceptable on this community.

    Note: WooCommerce Open Close is a product from Pluginbazar and we never said on Free version customers will be restricted from placing orders. We always be transparent with these kind of issues.

    Message to you @marou10: I think you should have known what reviews mean, we never said it should do what you expect on Free version, so it doesn’t mean you should rate this plugin 1 star just because of a premium feature you want is not in free version. Yes you can write reviews like this, if you have faced any functionality issues or found this plugin not working as written.

    Waiting to hear an explanation from you.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    You can write reviews about anything as long as it’s your experience and this review is perfectly valid.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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