[resolved] Was set up, now all messed up! HELP! (4 posts)

  1. cnelson29
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I had everything set up.

    I had set up my theme, hosting, then found out I needed to add a SSL certificate. SO I bought the SSL certificate from go daddy. (which never got set up all the way because I needed a dedicated IP), than I needed a dedicated IP. SO I bought the dedicated IP this morning from Kahuna Host.

    My domain is pointed to Kahuna Host. (Resides at go daddy.com)
    I cancelled the SSL certificate to start the process again.

    Now I can not access word press login, my website, or my email. UGH.

    WTF did I do wrong? Can someone help me? I can not seem to get quick or easy help from Kahuna Host. I sure appreciate any assistance. Christina

  2. jholder83864
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Sorry cnelson, Sounds like a nightmare.

    Without more information, we'd be shooting in the dark here.
    Did you start the setup SSL process within the webserver?
    Do you have access to the logs?
    What URL is it?
    Do you have any redirects that make it only use SSL?

  3. cnelson29
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I wish I had a checklist to go through and do each step.

    I did buy the SSL cert, went through on my hosting company to the cPanel under SSL Manager, to generate a private key, than created a CSR.

    Next I went to Godaddy, and entered in the 3rd Party CSR information. And it looked like it applied on the go daddy site.

    I came back to my cPanel, and under SSL Manager, it states a "Shared SSL certificate URL. Under Certificates, nothing is there.

    So I went to my website to see if it auomatically updated. (juicebib.com), and it did not look any different. I was expecting to see: https://juicebib.com. Still only saw: juicebib.com.

    So I sent in a support ticket to Kahuna Host (my hosting company) and asked, what is going on. They sent me a link with instructions to set up the SSL cert.

    And then they told me I had to get a dedicated IP address. SO after 3 messages with their customer service, I now have the dedicated IP.....but I can not access my website now, word press login, and email is not working.

    In the end I called dodaddy to delete the certificate, so I can start again. And begin again. However, I want to see before I do it all again, I have it set up correctly to begin with. Any help you can do would be wonderful, Christina
    *Not sure that the logs are or any redirects. I did check with go daddy and they said the name servers would have not changed due to a dedicated IP address.**

  4. cnelson29
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I stand corrected....my website is now up, can access wordpress and email.

    Is there down time when adding the dedicated IP address? Is that all it is??? Ugh... Please advise. :) c

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