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  • Several people have told me that my site has appeared in the AVG or other antivirus software and

    I noticed about a month or two ago, that if I enter my URL into my Facebook status bar it places the following code in the snapshot of my site on Facebook.

    Obtaining best way of some late having payday advance loans payday advance loans more competitive and database. When people with unstable incomes people already fits payday loans payday loans into these borrowers upload their feet. Choosing from ever cash is face it paydaycashadvance2two dot com (the actual URL though)

    I don’t know if those things are related, but I’m assuming they are.

    I have searched for this text in most of my files that are listed under Appearance/Editor, but haven’t found anything. I don’t know how it got to wherever it is. I’m assuming it’s on my main page, as I would think that’s where Facebook would go, but I don’t find it there either, although I do have a redirect set up for my main URL to go to my /ct subdomain.

    At this point I feel it begins to becomes a bit beyond my skill level.

    Does anyone know how I might find the code and remove it?


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  • Okay, so I found the bad payday code in (I can’t remember if it was header.php or index.php on the back end of my site via the htp) … I removed the line of code. So far Facebook is still detecting it or else the cache hasn’t cleared or something.

    I changed the password. I probably need to do more.

    Any constructive thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!


    may I know your site url please.

    Best regards,

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