• Unacceptable what they have done to this plugin. I will be removing from all 70+ client sites I am currently using it on. It WAS my favorite form plugin. Thank you for nothing Happy Form developers.

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  • Hey @alysemitten 👋

    We’re so sorry about removing the Responses screen from the free version. We really wish we didn’t have to do this.

    I know it sounds from your review that’s we’ve burnt our bridges here, but is there anything we can do to help? Did you see we’re offering existing users a huge discount to make the transition a bit easier?

    Again, so sorry! We really think this is the change HappyForms needed to grow over the long-term. And we know that hurts now.

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    PAID VERSIONS are reserved for PRO VERSIONS, especially when you are considering crazy fees like $99 a year.
    What’s totally wrong with all this is there was no warning!!!!!!!!!!! You know what it’s like to have clients say, I don’t know why I’m not getting any responses and then go in to find out their potential customers received a message that their message was received only to sit waiting because we didn’t know we needed to check their website EVERY DAY to download a CSV form to maybe find out if they received a response. Really?
    Well, I’m sorry. There is no fixing this because your actions affected my service to our clients. Now we have to waste our time to go into every website where we have Happy Forms only to have to download CSV forms to maybe find out if there are any responses. You really didn’t give this any thought about the end user.

    So sorry we’ve let you down! As I mentioned, we are offering everyone, you included 😀, a huge discount — so you won’t have to pay $99. And maybe upgrading will buy you just enough time to help your customers until you find an alternative free solution.

    Again, so sorry we removed the Responses screen.

    Wait, so any of us who used HappyForms free version has now had the responses removed from all installs…?? Or only in the latest version…?

    Hey @thewebstylist 👋 We remove the Responses screen in version 1.8.0. But you’ll still get email notification of responses and you can still export responses to .csv spreadsheet. So none of your data is lost.

    I hope this helps clear things up! And sorry we had to make this change — we wish we didn’t have to.

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