• New Control Panel is disorganised and some functions are only for premium users, including turning off email notifications which I never wanted in the first place. Looked in my server account and found a pile of lost notification emails to the wildcard account that I didn’t need or care for, no way to turn them off.

    I get that devs have to make money, but turning off the ability to stop notifications is a bit much. There is a Resolved thread in support which isn’t definitive about a solution and the emails I have are recent.

    The Login Page hiding was great, until the newer version made logging out not work properly, I’d have to go Back and then logout again, sometimes more than once.

    I moved to WPS Hide Login which does just that, tried going back to Shield and some sites won’t log out properly. I believe that between this and Wordfence with lots of settings config I should be covered. If the dev had left things alone and just updated…

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  • Plugin Author Paul


    The ability to turn off email notifications is not disabled.

    If there’s a bug with logging out you could always report the problem, but I don’t see it anywhere in the support forum. Since no one else had reported this, likely there’s a conflict somewhere causing trouble.

    Best of luck.

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