• I was super excited to find an LMS that integrated with Oxygen, but I’m currently building a course and keep running into issues. Thank goodness Oxygen lets you put in custom code and CSS or it would be unusable.

    There are all sorts of aspects that are not available in the editor. You can’t change the color of borders in the Dashboard or the lessons, you can’t change the color of the registration button, you can’t change the background color of the lesson sidebar, etc. etc. I have a giant CSS file that I’ve had to use just to make it work. Plus there are a bunch of things missing, like random titles that you can’t change (like in the Assignments, you can change all except the “Attachments” title???)

    Another very strange decision is that they have different templates for Lessons, Quizzes, and Assignments, but they all include the Course lesson sidebar. There’s no way to edit it globally, so you have to re-do all of your styles in all of them and manually copy over all your style settings in order to get the sidebar to look the same for all of the Lessons, Quizzes, etc.

    It works well but they really need to add a lot more settings. And on a minor note, there are things misspelled everywhere.

    Still, I’m very happy that I can use Tutor LMS with Oxygen, so I’m happy that I purchased the Pro version.

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