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  • I loved using this plugin on my sites, but since the 2.0 update and subsequent updates, it has really sucked and I HATE my galleries. I’m now looking for a different way to display photo galleries.

    Many thanks to @edanzer for his help correcting my issues. I still feel the plugin is far less intuitive than older versions, but finally for the first time since July 2013, I feel satisfied with how my galleries look.

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  • @timehillimages: thanks for the feedback, but can you be more specific about the issues you’re having? You mention disliking your galleries, but we haven’t actually changed any gallery displays. So we’re not sure what that means.

    I tried checking your forum history, but I only see two posts, this one and a different negative plugin review from 8 months ago. I’m also not seeing anyone who would match your username in our Pro support.

    Any additional input would be appreciated (both for us and others).

    Thanks (Erick @ Photocrati)


    I’m not in your pro support. I’ve used the free version (only version when i started using it) for a few years. i have been reading on your support forums since the change to the 2.0 and beyond, and cannot find any way to get my galleries looking as they did before the switch other than going back to the last version before the 2.0 change. here are two links: (latest version of your plugin: and the one i prefer: no matter what setting i use in the latest version it always looks exactly like what is currently on the page.

    @timhillimages: Thanks very much for providing additional details. The gallery I’m seeing on looks like it is using the carousel template. To duplicate the same look with your other gallery:

    1) Go to the edit screen in the back end for

    Then, assuming you are using our new Insert Gallery Window (which inserts a placeholder image for the gallery) and not a shortcode…

    2) Click the place holder image which will open up the Insert Gallery Window

    3) Confirm that you have Basic Thumbnails selected as the display type

    4) On the same page, open the “Customize” accordion section

    5) Find the option for Templates, and select the carousel template

    6) Save your gallery and update your page

    Please let me know if that provides the look you want. Thanks (Erick).

    PS. If you are using a shortcode, I’d just remove it and add a new gallery via the NextGEN Insert Gallery window following the same steps.

    Actually, you have it backwards. I hate the gallery on No matter how I change the settings, it stays the same. I MUCH prefer the gallery on It is in the pre-2.0 version of the nextgen gallery.

    Ah, yup. Sorry I misread. In that case, you just need to remove the carousel template from To do so,

    1) Login and go to edit that page in the back end.
    2) Click the placeholder image to open the Insert Gallery Window
    3) You should see that you have NextGEN Basic Thumbnails selected as the gallery type
    4) Go to the “Customize” accordion and find the field near the bottom where you can select a template. Right now, it should show you are using the carousel template. Just adjust that field so it’s blank and save. That should return you to a normal thumbnail gallery.

    Again, let me know if that works. Thanks (Erick).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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